Membership Handbook



    【DRTrue love club】introduce

    【DRTrue love club】It is for the broad massesDRFamily launched member organizations,Just buyDRAfter proposing the diamond ring, you can become a lifelong member of the club,Enjoy five privileges exclusive to members。

    Welcome to join“DRTrue love club”,Start your life journey of true love!

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    【DRTrue love club】Articles of Association

    You are joiningDRof【DRTrue love club】(Hereinafter referred to as the club)When,Please read the club's articles of association carefully(Hereinafter referred to as the articles of association),Once you join the club,It means that you enjoy the membership rights and interests of the club and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions,And will be bound by it。



    one、Noun definition

    1.member:You successfully purchasedDRPropose diamond ring,Become a member of this club。

    2.membership card:Mainly electronic membership card。


    two、Scope of application

    The articles of association are applicable to the territory of the people's Republic of China(Excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)。


    three、How to become a member


    Your purchaseDRThe product becomes a member,You can pay attention to the official wechat service number、Log in to the website channel log in to the personal Center,You can view club membership interests。


    four、Membership levels and privileges

    Once you join the club, you will become a lifelong member,Membership grades and interests are described below:

    DRDiamond ring Men can only customize one in their life


    five、Activity privilege

    1、Offline exclusive Salon:Invite qualified members to participate in the exclusive salon held offline,Such as store new product experience、Product tour, etc,See official information release for details。

    2、New product launch reminder:MeetDRNew products,Will be purchased in advanceDRMembers make new reminders of new products。


    six、Service privilege

    1、Free maintenance service:You can enjoy lifelong free cleaning service。

    2、Diamond upgrade unlimited:Members who meet the membership level conditions are not subject to the provisions of the after-sales upgrade service rules”The current selling price is required for diamond upgrade1.3Times and above”Constraints of,It only needs to be equal to or higher than the current selling price of the style。

    3、After sales maintenance fee reduction:When you enjoy regular after-sales maintenance service,Deductible according to member level10%-20%maintenance costs ,The deduction proportion varies according to different member levels。

    4、Membership levelV1-V2Deductible10%maintenance costs ,Membership levelV3-V5Deductible20%maintenance costs 。

    5、 After sales maintenance fee deduction type is limited to:①Cost of replacement parts;②Re customization fee;③3Replacement cost of sub stone and below;④Expenses for reissue of lost national inspection certificate。


    seven、Membership obligations

    1、You should fill in your name truthfully when registering、phone number、Birthday and other member information,And ensure that such information is accurate and currently applicable。

    2、If personal information changes,Please pass the wechat platform in time、Official website、Customer service call or go to the store to modify,To ensure the rights and interests of members。among,If you and the recipient's birthday and anniversary are filled in incorrectly,The company can only modify it once after verification。

    3、You need to show your ID card when you enjoy your membership rights;For failure to show ID card,Customers who cannot provide ID number or mobile phone number to inquire.,The company has the right not to grant relevant member interests。

    4、Members are required to provide accurate personal information when necessary,If the information provided is lost、Failure to obtain member information due to delay or error,The company is not responsible



    【Privacy policy】


    1、DRCollect and store the required data you provide when purchasing goods(Including but not limited to name and address、Telephone, etc),And any data you volunteer。

    2、DRUse the above information for the following purposes:Send you more information via SMSDRbrand、product、Services and exclusive offers,Give priority to your receipt when possibleDRInformation considered to be of interest。

    3、DRensure:Will protect your personal information and privacy,And ensure the security of information。

    4、in addition,You agreeDRYou can turn the past or backDRThe member's personal data provided are merged or enriched,So as to provide you with better service。

    5、 You have the right to request fromDRObtain saved personal data、Order related information,And you can contactDRClaim。in addition,You can contact at any time by the above methodDR,To update、corrections、Fill in or delete(stayDRExcept purchase records)Their stored personal data。




    1.   You join the club,Membership interests by「present situation」As far as「available」Provided in case of。

    2.   DRNo guarantee:(1) The club is sure to meet the requirements of its members(2)The articles of association will not be repealed,And timely、Safe or error free。

    3.   DRWe will not make any indirect compensation due to the following reasons:、Incidental、special、Liability for consequential or punitive damages,Including but not limited to relevant profit losses、goodwill、use、Data or other intangible losses(even ifDRThe possibility of these damages has been informed)Damages for:

    (1)Use or inability to use the articles of association or any of its interests;

    (2)Any commodity purchased or obtained by the use of the articles of association、data、Information and services、Information received or transactions entered into,Resulting in the cost of obtaining alternative goods and services;

    (3)Any other relevant matters。

    【Applicable law】


    Without considering the conflict of legal principles,The interpretation of the general terms of this manual and the corresponding rights and responsibilities of each party hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China。


    【Change of terms and conditions】


    DRThe revised terms and conditions may be published onDROfficial website(,The provisions contained in these terms and conditions may be varied from time to time,However, the corresponding changes will be notified in an appropriate way。

    If you disagree with the change,You have the right to contact before the effective date of the changeDRFeedback。If the feedback is adopted,DRChanges will be adjusted as appropriate。

    If you still disagree with the effective changes,You shall stop using the service from the effective date of the change,The change shall have no effect on you;

    If you continue to use the service after the change takes effect,It is deemed that you agree to the effective change。

    You can log in at any timeDROfficial website( the current version of these terms and conditions。




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