Brand profile

    DEA Co., Ltd.'s high-end proposal diamond ring brand,At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, it set a global unified romantic regulation:A man can only customize one piece in his life with his ID card,moral“Lifetime·only·True love”。

    DRPropose diamond ring“Make love better”Brand mission,Select global diamond for each pair of true love lovers;To pursue the ultimate ingenuity,Demanding the perfection of love Keepsake。DRThe diamond proposal ring is more than just a diamond ring of extraordinary significance,He is also a witness to the commitment of true love in his life,Committed to the spread and witness of true love,Encourage everyone to have the courage to pursue true love,Advocate“Love someone all your life”True love faith。

    DRJewelry design center cooperates with internationally renowned jewelry designers,Design works that can express the emotion of true love from the perspective of globalization。DRAll jewelry is given to only one person in a lifetime,DRDiamond rings are considered“Love someone all your life”The promise of true love opens,Only purchasedDRDiamond ring members are eligible to buyDRMale ring、Jewelry such as true love gifts,As“Lifetime·only·True love”Romantic continuation。

    at present,DRDiamond ring global direct love experience store400home,Covering Paris, France、China Hongkong and Chinese mainland110Cities。futureDRThe number of experience stores will grow rapidly,Provide more consumers with high-quality romantic love services。