Custom service

    one、Customized warm tips

    1、Customers can enjoy various forms of true love experience;
    2、Provide pre-sales consultation according to customers' love stories and preferences,Including but not limited to style matching、Design customization and other schemes;
    3、Offer exclusive proposal suggestions;
    4、Exclusive custom service for anniversary;
    5、Customized service related fee reference《Cost standard》。

    two、Exclusive customization
    1、The pre-sales service of exclusive customized orders is consistent with other orders;
    2、Customization cycle in30Working days(Calculated from the date of full payment);
    3、You provide design ideas or love stories and pay for advanced services2520element/piece,We will assist you to issue design drawings,And finalized by the sales consultant who receives you;
    4、The premium service fee paid is non refundable, non exchangeable and non deductible,The designer will provide you with exclusive design services,During the design process, you can ask the designer3Modification comments;
    5、After you confirm the design draft, you need to pay the full price of the goods;
    6、Due to the special characteristics of exclusive customized products,Non quality goods are not returned or replaced,Change in sale is not supported;
    7、Custom style,CopyrightDRAll。

    three、after-sale service:
    1、Regular after-sales service is available for exclusive and customized goods,If the hand size is modified、Maintenance, renovation and upgrading;
    notes:Only the diamond proposal ring can be upgraded,The amount of goods to be upgraded must be higher than that of the original goods1.3times。
    2、Because the exclusive customized products are one-time release,Unconventional sale of goods,Within one year after signing,If the after-sales service involves re customization,There is no additional premium service charge。One year later,To re customize,Need to pay2520RMB advanced service fee。


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