Purchase rules

    one、Customer information verification

    The first order needs to be bound with valid identity information(ID card/Passport/Military certificate)Order only after verification;

    1)Proposal diamond ring series:You can only buy one in your life,Repeat purchase is not supported,It means the only true love in life;

    2) Women's ring series:Direct purchase for the first time,And support repeat purchase;

    3)Other series:You can buy a diamond proposal ring or a pair of women's rings only after ordering them,And support repeat purchase。

    two、True love agreement

    1) Customers need to fill in the real name and ID card information of the giver when purchasing for the first time,And signedDRWhen true love agreement,Bind the real name of the donee,It cannot be modified or deleted;After successful ordering, you can enter the ID number of the giver through the official website for verification。

    2) If the customer binds the donee information for the first time, the information is filled in incorrectly(as:homograph、Radical、Rare words)etc.,Can apply for modification。

    three、Date of signing

    The signing date of the agreement is preset to the day of purchase,Customers can reselect when placing an order,Unlimited date range。After the order is submitted successfully, the customer side cannot be modified。

    four、DRProduct rules

    1) DRThere is no discount on the goods sold on the official website,Other currencies are converted at regional exchange rates,The price is subject to the official website;

    2)  Powder drill series:

    DRThe powder diamond series is a limited sale product,You need to make an appointment through the official website in advance to obtain the rush purchase qualification(You also need to make an appointment to buy in the experience store/You also need to make an appointment to change the money during and after sales),And rush to buy within the specified sale date;



    This rule was updated on2019year12month1day,Effective from the date of renewal