Professional certification

    DRDiamond jewelry is accompanied by professional certificates。

    DRDiamond jewelry provided by the state-level appraisal institutions,Including the national jewelry and jade quality supervision and inspection center(Referred to as national inspection),And internationally renowned professional appraisal institutions,American Gemstone Association(abbreviationGIA)Belgium diamond high class Parliament(abbreviationHRD)Analyze and grade,These appraisal organizations are characterized by their preciseness、Consistent and impartial identification of diamonds is well known in the diamond industry all over the world。

    Origin of diamond identification certificate

    American Gem Institute(GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICAabbreviationGIA)to1931Founded in Los Angeles。GIAIt is a non-profit organization,It was established with the support of well-known jewelers and celebrities in the United States。thereforeGIAIt is an appraisal and research institution shared by jewelry manufacturers in the United States,Its subsidiary bodies such asGTLIt provides identification services for operators,It is widely trusted by all walks of life。


     International and domestic authoritative certificate

     GIADiamond grade certificate,American Gem Institute(GIA)Signing and issuing。

     HRDDiamond grade certificate,Signed and issued by the Belgian diamond High Council。

     AGSDiamond grade certificate,Signed and issued by American gemstone Society。

     IGIDiamond grade certificate,Signed and issued by international gemology Institute。

     EGLDiamond grade certificate,Signed and issued by the European gem Institute。

     NGTCDiamond inlaid grading certificate,Issued by the national jewelry and jade quality supervision and Inspection Center。

     CTADiamond inlaid grading certificate,Issued by gold, silver and jewelry testing center of China Quality Inspection Union。

     GJCJewelry inspection certificate,Issued by the National Light Industry jewelry and jade jewelry quality supervision and Testing Center 。

     GACDiamond inlaid grading certificate,Issued by China Gemstone Association。

     GTCGem identification certificate,Issued by jewelry testing research center of zhubao chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and Commerce。

     GICDiamond inlaid grading certificate,Issued by Beijing Dida gem inspection center of China University of Geosciences。


     How to query onlineGIADiamond certificate,Understand the query results?

     You can log inGIAThe official website of

     To query, you need to enter the certificate number and carat weight。

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