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    DRPropose diamond ring™The brand is a brand of DEA Co., Ltd,The ownership and operation rights of various electronic services of the website belong to DEA Co., Ltd。

    Purchase statement:
         DRPropose diamond ring™Strict regulations,When purchasing the product for the first time, the buyer is required to provide the identity of the country or regionIDinformation,This information is used to prove his only legal citizenship,This information is related toDRProposal diamond ring product binding,The information will be encrypted and stored in the official website database,Only queries verified through the official website are accepted and cannot be modified for life。DRWhen the proposal diamond ring requires the purchase of products,sign《True love agreement》Voluntarily submit the name and relevant information of the product recipient,To clearly state that the purchaser willDRWho is the gift of diamond ring products,This information is subject to verification query on the official website,The above information is not modifiable for life。sign《True love agreement》front,In case of any objection to the purchase terms and binding contents,Users can reserve the right to choose products of other brands。
     Buy or notDRPropose diamond ring,Compliance with brand regulations,In this way, you can only give one piece in your life to prove true love,Deemed voluntary。

    Intellectual property declaration:
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