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    DRThe diamond proposal ring is an international high-end diamond proposal ring brand of DEA Co., Ltd,At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, it set a global unified romantic regulation:A man can only customize one piece in his life with his ID card,moral“Lifetime·only·True love”。


    DRThe diamond proposal ring shoulders“Make love better”Brand mission,Proposed to become“Global leader of true love culture”Great brand vision。Self brand establishment,DRThe diamond proposal ring is dedicated to spreading and witnessing the story of true love around the world,Advocate that everyone should have the courage to pursue true love,Show the world romance and love、Fashionable and sincere brand image。


    DRThe proposal diamond ring takes user needs as the core and brand oriented“Light assets”Business operation mode,Provide customized diamond ring services for customers,Paris jewelry design center has a large R & D team of internationally renowned jewelry designers,Design works that can express the emotion of true love from the perspective of globalization,Through online official website、Third party sales platform、Offline experience stores for sale。DRAll jewelry is given to only one person in a lifetime,DRThe diamond proposal ring is considered“Love someone all your life”The promise of true love opens,Only purchasedDROnly members who propose diamond rings are eligible to buy themDRWedding ring、Male ring、Jewelry such as true love gifts,As“Lifetime·only·True love”Romantic continuation。


    at present,DRProposal diamond ring global direct love experience store super400home,Covering Paris, France、China Hongkong and Chinese mainland70Multiple key cities。futureDRThe number of experience stores will grow rapidly,Provide more consumers with high-quality romantic love services。

    We are willing to cooperate with enterprises committed to contributing to the lifelong happiness of sweet love and lovers,Welcome brands with the same goal to work together。

      Cooperation direction:
       1. Media and marketing activities。
       2. Wedding,Marriage related products and services

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