Purchase process

    DRThe diamond proposal ring should be purchased by men with ID card,You can only customize one in your life。Men's rings and accessories need to be customizedDRYou can buy a diamond proposal ring or women's ring。


    one、User login、register

    If you are notDRRegistered and logged in,Optional“register”,Click Register

    If you are alreadyDRRegistered member,direct“Sign in”that will do,Click login

    Tips :It only takes you a minute to register,After successful registration, you can enjoy free SMS reminder service。


    DRDiamond ring Men can only customize one in their life


    two、chooseDRPropose diamond ring

    DRThe diamond ring depends on the size of the insert,A variety of weights and grades of diamonds are available for you to choose from。You can choose according to your budget and the style of your loved one、like,Choose a suitable diamond ring。DRDiamond ring(Darry Ring)Diamond ring styles are mostly classic styles,DRDiamond ring(Darry Ring)Make women more beautiful、More confident。


    DRDiamond ring Men can only customize one in their life


    three、Add shopping cart and verify ID card

    Choose a good diamond ring style,Choose a good diamond ring4CGrade,After improving the hand size and lettering information,click“add to cart”or“Buy now”You will be prompted to fill in your name、ID number to purchase permission verification,If not purchased after verification,You can continue to buy。

    four、Fill in the true love agreement

    Per customizationDRMen who propose diamond rings must fill out a true love agreement,Show your only oneDRTo the woman you love。The true love agreement isDRproper,Information will be preserved for a long time,No modification or change is allowed。


    five、Fill in consignee information

    In order to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods to the destination,Please fill in the name of the consignee accurately、address、Zip code、Telephone and other valid information;

     User who needs invoice,Please indicate the invoice title in the remarks,DRAll invoices for diamond rings are regular invoices,The amount issued is the actual amount of the order(Excluding freight)

     notes:For the order of the current month, please make up the invoice in the current month,Overdue non acceptance,Return and exchange goods shall be sent back together with the invoice,If you have other questions,Please consult directlyDRcustomer service。


    DRDiamond ring Men can only customize one in their life


    six、Order submitted successfully

    After the order is submitted successfully,Please pay immediately according to the payment method you choose。

    After submitting the order,The system will automatically default the payment time limit after the order is submitted successfully72hour,If the payment time limit needs to be extended,Please contact the customer service consultant for assistance。



    This rule was updated on2021year1month25day,Effective from the date of renewal