Distribution process

    one、Delivery time

    Orders in mainland China are subject to the delivery date of the product details page,If you need urgent or other regional services, please consult customer service。

    Orders outside the mainland due to customs declaration,It needs to be added to the original customization cycle5Working days(Including Hong Kong, people's Republic of China、Taiwan region,Only guaranteed delivery time,Unable to ensure receipt time),Some countries and regions may have periodic non receipt and delivery,Customers are advised to confirm with the local delivery company before placing an order。

    In case of national legal holidays or abnormal weather conditions,Order delivery may be delayed,Please wait patiently。


    two、Distribution scope

    Overseas order:The receiving address is overseas country and region(Including Hong Kong, people's Republic of China、Taiwan region);

    Orders in Chinese Mainland:The receiving address is Chinese Mainland。


    three、Distribution mode

    1.The whole process transportation insurance is purchased in mainland China,Use SF Express/EMSmail;

    notes:SF express is preferred by default,If there is an area less than SF, use itEMSmail。

    2.Hong Kong Special Administrative Region、After purchasing the whole process transportation insurance in Taiwan, Default useUPS/DHL/FEDEXexpress;

    3.Take it from the physical store(You can pick up the goods at the store according to your actual situation/DRParcel Service)。


    four、Logistics packaging:

    DRUnified logistics packaging,Ensure the integrity of goods in distribution、Undamaged。


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