Full insurance

    Just buyDRcommodity,DRThe whole process will be delivered by insured courier,It can ensure that your products are safe,Safely and safely delivered to you。You do not have to bear any courier risk。

    The whole process defaults to SF guaranteed express delivery,SF cannot find the default addressEMSissue。 The express company is made byDRThe system automatically selects according to your address,You cannot select when placing an order。The first tier cities in China default SF express to arrive the next day,Remote and rural areasEMS。DRProfessional express delivery makes you worry free when shopping,Shorten the distance of true love。

    Precautions during receiving:

    You can sign for confirmation in front of the courier when receiving the goods,Then check the packaging,Just make sure the package is intact。Any questions,You can contact at the first timeDRHelp you solve it。National Service Hotline :400-01-13520

    This rule was updated on2018year7month23day,Effective from the date of renewal