Designer Engagement Rings: DR Love Line Collection

Dec 27, 2022


DR Ring is a diamond engagement ring brand that celebrates true love. In order for consumers around the world to truly feel the true love culture of DR through wearing jewelry, Darry Ring has invited internationally renowned designers to design a lot of jewelry with different meanings for couples who believe in true love.


The Love Line Collection is one of the most popular engagement ring collections among Darry Ring's. It combines the classical and modern western design style and carries the best wishes of its designer Antonio Missiaggia to every newlywed couple.



About the Designer


Antonio Missiaggia is a renowned jewelry designer from Italy. He established his core jewelry design team in 2015 with a wealth of experience in creative jewelry design. Antonio Missiaggia's design style is innovative and unique, which have been featured several times in the fashion magazine “Bazaar Jewelry”. The Love Line Collection, the masterpiece of his design for Darry Ring, has won enthusiastic responses from consumers upon its launch.


dr ring designer Antonio Missiaggia


About the Love Line Collection


The DR Love Line Collection was designed by renowned international jewelry designer Antonio Missiaggia, based on the hand fasting rituals of European royalty.


The hand fasting rituals refer to the wedding ceremony where the couple's hands are tied together with a ribbon, signifying their mutual fidelity and devotion. The entwined ribbons symbolize the couple's endless romance; they will be connected to their one true love forever. The hand fasting rituals has evolved into a romantic ritual in which lovers promise to stay together for the rest of their lives.


Antonio Missiaggia, the jewelry designer of DR, was surprised and shocked when he first heard about the brand rule of Darry Ring: a person can only buy one DR diamond ring in his lifetime. He thought it was a very romantic and remarkable thing to do and made him feel that Darry Ring was different from other jewelry brands.


dr ring design


After carefully reading the brand rules, Antonio Missiaggia then thought of the hand fasting ceremony that was followed by Prince William and Princess Kate at their wedding in London Cathedral, a symbol of love that unites them for life and never separates them. Antonio Missiaggia believes that the values embodied by the Darry Ring and the meaning of the hand fasting rituals in European royal weddings were a good match and that they should be combined. He thought it was a great idea and it kept reverberating in his mind.


Antonio Missiaggia then inspired by the hand fasting rituals, captured the delicate texture of the silk ribbon woven by crochet and French embroidery, combined with the relief patterns of the English architecture, to create the Love Line engagement rings for a lifetime of love.


dr love line engagement ring


The overall design of the DR Love Line Collection is the rose gold thread uniting two hearts. The two hearts together hold the diamond, a symbol of pure and flawless true love, to better represent the vow of true love to the consumer. The rose gold thread represents the ribbon used to bind the couple's hands and adds a unique touch to the entire white gold engagement ring, making it even more distinctive and charming.


Around the main stone, the designer Antonio Missiaggi also utilized a halo setting to make the Love Line engagement rings shine and dazzle in the light of day.


dr love line ring


The Love Line engagement rings, combining elements of European royal hand-fasting rituals with the beauty of classical English architecture, is a symbol of mutual loyalty and eternal love.


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