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Love can't be expressed only in words, but also in kisses! This Valentine's Day, use #DRKissCam filter on TikTok to record your sweet moments, pass the happiness to your best friends, keep the love relay going! Your sweetest moments might be rewarded with our diamond rings! Chop chop!


1. Use [DRKissCam filter] on TikTok for a couple kissing shot, and post it according to the rules: @ darryring_ Official + Hashtag # DRKissCam+@ friends (The nominated ones should tag other friends who should also follow the same posting rule) Only participants who have finished the above steps can get a [Virtual DR True Love Commitment Medal].
2. Participants of the post with TOP 50 likes will be given special rewards:
a) Top 1 - 2 will get [DR Couple Wedding Rings] worth $1154;
b) Top 3 - 16 will get a [Instant Camera];
c) Top 1 - 50 will get a [Physical DR True Love Commitment Medal];
3. A free [Instant Camera] for customers who order during this Valentine's Day event;
4. The customers who have ordered by the end of Valentine's Day can obtain one [Physical DR True Love Commitment Medal] after posting on TikTok.

Event Time

Feb. 10th, 2023 - Feb. 15th, 2023 (GMT-8)

Event Coverage Areas

United States, Singapore, Malaysia

Event Instructions

1. Ones can redeem all prizes for this event only when they follow strictly the posting rules;
2. Redeem prizes via DR customer service (clientcare@darryring.com) and send relevant information (TT Account, Email, Address, Zip Code, Phone Number);
3. [Virtual DR True Love Commitment Medal] will be displayed in the user center of your DR account on https://us.darryring.com. If you do not have a DR account, please register and then contact DR customer service to redeem;
4. All the prizes for this event, including the Virtual Medals, Physical Medals and Instant Camera, will be dispatched within one month after the end of the event;
5. The DR Diamond Ring Grand Prize will be customized and then shipped insurely. Check the customization time and shipping time by clicking Shipping Policy ;
6. DR will not be responsible for the delivery risk of all the prizes for this event except diamond ring prizes;
7. DR reserves all the right for the event. By entering you consent to terms of DR Service Agreement and Privacy Policy .

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