Kitty & Vincent: Determined to Be Happy Together Forever

May 04, 2023

DR: Vincent, how did you meet the love of your life?  


Vincent: We actually met through Facebook and we had no idea we would become a true love story, but we couldn’t be happier that we did.



DR: How long have you and Kitty been together?


Vincent: Only six years, but we know we will be together for a lifetime. After being married a year, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and so we are a very happy, devoted family.


DR: How did you learn about Darry Ring engagement rings?


Vincent: I learned about Darry Rings on Instagram. They are very popular.



DR: Why did you choose DR and why this special style of engagement ring?


Vincent: I knew Kitty would love it, and she does. Darry Ring diamond rings are so special. They have a deeper meaning than just ordinary diamond rings. They signify the enduring love we have. Also, it is exquisitely handcrafted and it is of premium quality, as you can see by how it sparkles and shines. DR Customer service is exceptional. They helped me to choose wisely and get exactly the right Darry Ring diamond.



DR: What is the most impressive thing between you two?


Vincent: I believe that we are an impressive couple---especially Kitty. She does everything well, cooking, working, parenting---and she is so kind to everyone, young or old, even animals. We are impressive because we are completely determined to be happy together forever. Together, we can do anything.



DR: At what point in your life were you certain that you wanted to get married?


Vincent: I knew when I met Kitty that I wanted to marry her. I think all people dream of what we have; a true love story. Darry Ring helped us to make the dream of a promise to love only each other become a reality.