Sam & Liz: Pandemic-delayed Marriage Proposal

Mar 14, 2022


Sam & Liz were a long-distance couple. One worked in Singapore and one in the US. After a vacation in 2019, Sam went back to the US as Covid-19 was just starting to explode---and that’s when Liz found out she was pregnant. She shared happily with Sam and thought they would be together soon, but they didn’t know how badly it would go. Covid-19 invaded the world quickly, causing lockdowns in countries and cities, separating loved ones even in the same cities, and Sam and Liz seemed to be doomed to be apart.


The couple suffered throughout the pregnancy virtually alone except for video calls and online chats. Liz was despondent and lonely as was Sam, and Sam did his best to cheer Liz up, despite how much he was suffering as well. He said it was the darkest time of his life and said, “I was kneeling on the floor of my apartment, crying. I didn’t know what I could do to make her feel better.”


Their beautiful child was born and the happiness was only tempered because they were still forced to be apart. Sam thought a lot during this dark time. He knew that he wanted to be with his true love and his child and knew that as soon as he had an opportunity, he would propose in the most special way. He searched for a long time and finally found Darry Ring. He knew exactly what he wanted to promise Liz; a ring and a commitment that would be everlasting.


“To your one and only, to your love of a lifetime.”


After a lot of arranging and negotiations, Sam finally had the opportunity to fly to Singapore. As soon as he saw Liz and his baby, he dropped to his knees and proposed, and this is what Darry Ring is all about: enduring love, devotion, determination and fidelity.


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