Engagement Ring Finger for Male and Female

Jul 11, 2022


Having trouble deciding what finger is the engagement ring on can make for an embarrassing situation when you are proposing to your girlfriend or proposing to your boyfriend. That's alright. We have got you here with a comprehensive guide to engagement ring finger for male and female.


When it comes to the engagement ring finger, it has remained fairly consistent on the fourth finger of the left hand over time. However, due to the diversity of modern wedding culture, customs regarding engagement ring hand have become more regionally specific. Therefore, it is important to go over the essentials of wearing a diamond engagement ring.


engagement eing finger for male and female


What Finger is the Engagement Ring on?


Engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is a traditional practice that dates back to ancient Roman times.


While this may still be the most common practice of engagement ring finger for male and female, it is certainly not the only way. As wedding culture has evolved, there have been more other practices regarding engagement ring finger.


1. Engagement ring finger for women


Influenced by ancient Roman culture, women wear the engagement ring on the left ring finger in many Western cultures.


engagement ring finger for women


However, in some Eastern cultures and specific European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, the fourth finger of the right hand is chosen as the engagement ring finger for women. Because the Latin word “left” denotes sinister and some Asian cultures view the left hand as impure, the right hand is traditionally used as the engagement ring hand.


2. Engagement ring finger for male


Engagement ring finger for male goes on the fourth finger of the left hand, similar to how engagement rings for women are worn. Although it is the most typical manner for men to wear engagement rings, there are other options as well.


For instance, it is customary for male to wear engagement ring on the right ring finger rather than the left one in Chile and Switzerland. There is an increasing number of guys are using the right hand as their engagement ring hand and even wearing it as a necklace on a chain.


engagement ring finger for male


Do Men Wear Engagement Ring?


Men historically didn’t wear engagement ring because they presented it to women as gifts, as a symbol of paying a dowry for the woman to marry into. However, men are increasingly wearing engagement rings due to current wedding customs, particularly in Sweden, Chile, and the United States. You’ll also need a men’s engagement ring when you’re ready to propose to your boyfriend.


For a long time, it has been a commonly accepted practice for men to wear engagement rings. This is due to the perception that men who wear engagement rings represent a more equal relationship or a mark of their commitment to one another.


Why is Engagement Ring Worn on Left Hand?


The customs of the left ring finger as the engagement ring finger for male and female dates back to an ancient Roman belief. It goes saying that the ring finger of the left hand contains a vein that leads directly to the human heart. They referred to it as the “river of love” or the “vein of love” because of its connection to the heart.


If you wear engagement ring on the left ring finger, it shows that you held your one true love close to the heart and thought highly of her. This custom is still practiced today and renowned for its romantic connotations.


Does Engagement Ring Go on the Right Hand?


Of course you can wear an engagement ring on the right hand. Regarding on which finger does the engagement ring go, there are no strict guidelines. The right ring finger regarded as the engagement ring finger for male and female is practiced in many Eastern cultures and in some particular European nations including Croatia, Switzerland, and Italy.


wear engagement ring on the right hand


What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go on?


The propose ring goes on the left ring finger, the same as the engagement ring finger for women and men. Although they go by different names, promise rings and engagement rings serve the same function - they are both diamond rings that you need to use when you propose. If your marriage proposal is accepted, you will then be engaged, and the promise ring will become engagement ring.


Which Hand is for Engagement and Marriage?


Wearing a diamond ring on the left hand has historically been associated with being engaged, whereas on the right hand is typically associated with being married. This is not the gold standard, though, as wedding rings and engagement rings each has different regional cultural characteristics.


How to Wear Engagement Ring after Get Married?


One of the most romantic parts of a wedding is the exchange of wedding bands. But what hand does a wedding ring go on if you already have a diamond engagement ring on your left hand?


(1) Both the engagement ring and the wedding band can go on the left ring finger at the same time. You can have your wedding band made to match the design of your diamond engagement ring, or you can select a stackable wedding band so they don’t clash when worn together.


stackable wedding ring and engagement ring


※ Which goes first engagement and wedding ring?

The wedding ring should go first on the left ring finger, with the engagement ring on top of it. In this case, the wedding ring is closer to your heart. You might take off your diamond engagement ring from your left ring finger before the wedding to make room for the wedding ring. You may continue to wear your engagement ring above your wedding band after the ceremony.


(2) If you want a more distinctive look, choose the left ring finger as your wedding ring finger and the right ring finger as your engagement ring finger. Of course, this is only one possibility. You can also combine your wedding and engagement ring finger in different ways to fit your personality.


(3) The alternative is to fuse your wedding band and engagement ring together to form one ring if you typically wear them together forever. This is a fantastic choice because the rings can then exactly match and even represent the marriage vows.


(4) You can also wear your unique engagement ring as a necklace to better protect it if you need to rub your finger frequently in everyday life.


In any case, while there are traditional customs for engagement ring finger for male and female, there are no absolute rules. You are fully capable of wearing your own engagement ring in a style that is comfortable for you because it is a highly personal and unique experience, just like when you customize your diamond engagement ring.


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