Darry Ring Cooperates with NDC to Jointly Promote Natural Diamonds

Jan 17,2024

Natural Diamond Council

Natural Diamond Council is the authority and resource for consumers and the industry on natural diamonds. As a leading industry organization, NDC is dedicated to promoting the integrity of the modern natural diamond industry, inspiring, educating, and protecting consumers. Their focus is to assist industry partners in achieving robust growth, showcasing the irresistible value of natural diamonds to global consumers, and encouraging individuals to pursue a higher quality of life.

Natural Diamond Council

To date, NDC has created a diverse range of digital content related to natural diamonds, garnering over 5 million consumer views and sustaining engagement across various platforms each month. Their new consumer brand and digital publication platform, Only Natural Diamonds, aims to inspire global consumers to understand the value and tradition of natural diamonds, and drive significant innovation in the diamond jewelry world.

Since 2021, NDC has established strategic partnerships with top retail brands worldwide, successfully expanding the communication and coverage of the intrinsic value of natural diamonds. Collaborating with official strategic partners aims to enhance market confidence and demand for natural diamonds, ensuring clear and accurate information about diamonds and the diamond industry, and guiding more consumers to appreciate and invest in natural diamonds.

natural diamonds

Darry Ring

Darry Ring is a leading global diamond ring brand, embodying the brand spirit of “One Ring One Life One Love”. We inspire to bravely pursue true love and provide romantic services to our customers. In one of the world’s most romantic cities, Paris, France, Darry Ring has established an exclusive Paris Design Center, collaborating with internationally renowned jewelry designers to create exquisite and rare natural diamond jewelry with a global perspective. We select extremely rare natural diamonds, striving to create enduring symbols of love, as only natural diamonds formed over millions or even billions of years are worthy of carrying such a precious commitment.

Darry Ring box, dr diamond rings and True Love Agreement

With the brand mission of “Making Love Better”, Darry Ring romantically portrays the precious value and dazzling brilliance of natural diamonds. The partnership with Natural Diamond Council aims to convey the values of sustainable development of natural diamonds and spread the belief in true love to a wider audience.

Darry Ring x NDC

Darry Ring x NDC

As a retail strategic partner of NDC, Darry Ring fully supports NDC’s promotion and educational activities for natural diamonds. Darry Ring will collaborate with NDC to create valuable new resources, compile professional knowledge about natural diamonds, and develop new industry narratives and educational materials, including advertising assets, digital assets, social media content, and search engine marketing.

This joint effort aims to inspire more consumer desire for natural diamonds, increase the sales conversion rate of natural diamonds, and promote the industry’s sustainable development. Wong McCormick, Managing Director of the Natural Diamond Council Greater China, stated, “This not only makes a significant contribution to the overall development of the natural diamond jewelry industry, but also expands the global influence of natural diamonds.”

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