4Cs of Diamonds

    Darry Ring insists on rigorous diamond grading guidelines and goes beyond the basic "4Cs".  Additionally, we have also set out Darry Ring's strict specifications and considerations to create a token of true love for each couple.



    The carat is the unit of measurement for weight. 1 carat (1 ct) is equal to 0.20 grams and is divided into 100 points (a half-carat - 0.50 ct - diamond can be described as 50 points). Weight is the primary factor in determining the price of a diamond, and a 2 carat diamond of good quality is often more expensive than two 1 carat diamonds of the same quality. Darry Ring diamond rings are available in a wide range of diamond weights depending on the size of the setting.


    The clarity of diamonds is graded according to the number, size and location of inclusions, and is classified by the GIA's clarity scale from FL to I3. Darry Ring diamonds are graded between FL and SI2 and have excellent clarity.




    Diamonds naturally reflect all the colors of the rainbow. In general, rare diamonds do not carry any color (except for colorful diamonds). Darry Ring diamonds are graded in alphabetical order from D to Z (D being completely colorless and Z being slightly yellow), and all Darry Ring diamonds are graded from D to J, meaning they are of good quality.




    The cut grade refers to the sparkle and fluorescence that refracts from within the diamond, which is achieved by faceting and polishing the gemstone. A well-cut diamond offers better sparkle.



    Darry Ring carefully selects each diamond according to the '4C' grading standards of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), to ensure that every diamond is brilliant and sparkling. Darry Ring is a stunning masterpiece of mastery and nature, glowing with a unique brilliance. The story of true love is passed down through the exquisite craftsmanship of diamond making.