The 10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Sep 25,2023

Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring may take more time than you think to understand the shapes of diamonds for rings, because the sparkle of the diamond, the ring style, and the visual impression after wearing the ring are all related to the engagement ring shape.

Whether you're getting engaged or just planning for the future, learning about the 10 most popular diamond shapes available will make the process of shopping for a diamond engagement ring easy and enjoyable.

Fortunately, we're here to break down 10 popular engagement ring shapes to help you determine which diamond shapes is the best fit.

top 10 popular engagement ring shapes

1. Round Cut Engagement Ring

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond ring shape for its ability to maximize the fire of the diamond with the right amount of light reflection. Finely cut to optimize brilliance, round brilliant diamonds with 58 symmetrical facets allow maximum light to enter and cast tiny iridescence, creating stunning sparkle and contrast.

Round cut engagement rings with perfect symmetry and clarity are iconic - a true timeless classic for stylish ladies who appreciate tradition and elegance. As a result, you can see the round cut engagement ring in almost all of DR engagement ring collections, as it blends perfectly with any design style.

round cut engagement ring

2. Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The oval cut is an elongated version of the round brilliant cut and has become a popular engagement ring shape lately because of its ability to sparkle comparable to a round cut diamond.

The slender oval cut diamond has as many 58 perfect facets as a round cut diamond, and its faceting style gives it the most exquisite sparkle. In addition, the elongated shape of an oval engagement ring allows the diamond to visually appear larger and elongate your finger, making your finger look long and slender, which may be the other reasons why oval cut engagement rings are becoming popular again.

All in all, oval cut diamonds are bold and delicate, and their perfect symmetry and elongated shape are perfect for women who want to make a statement. For example, Hailey and Bieber's engagement rings and Kourtney Kardashian's engagement ring are both oval engagement ring.

oval cut engagement ring

3. Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Both the marquise cut and oval cut represent slender engagement ring shapes, but the marquise cut diamond is marked by curved sides and a pointed tip, in the form of a boat shape. Slender engagement ring shapes visually enhance any hand shape, creating the illusion of slimmer fingers, and the marquise cut engagement ring is no exception.

The marquise cut engagement ring is given a modern aesthetic due to its unique two-pointed tips, making it suitable for the kind of girl who is not afraid to take risks and experiment with her own style. In addition to this, the marquise engagement ring is perfect for those who want to maximize their carat weight.

marquise cur engagement ring

4. Pear Cut Engagement Ring

The pear cut is an innovative engagement ring shape that combines the round brilliant cut with the marquise cut style. The pear cut diamond features a semi-circular shape at one end and a pointed shape at the other, resembling a tear. This particular contoured diamond ring shape looks both feminine and delicate. Its graceful curves allow the stone to shine extra brightly in the refraction of light, so it's no wonder it's one of the hottest engagement ring shape trends right now.

Pear shaped engagement rings visually elongate the finger in the same way that marquise and oval engagement rings do, especially when the tip is facing the nail. All in all, the pear engagement ring is a perfect diamond ring shape for the elegant girl who likes a softer style. For example, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's engagement rings feature two pear cut diamond that form a heart when worn.

pear cut engagement ring

5. Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The princess cut is a typical square engagement ring shape that has a modern and geometric look while becoming one of the most popular fancy diamond ring shapes.

Princess cut diamonds are commonly found in the jewelry market as square, but depending on the aspect ratio, it can also appear rectangular. Made from a modified version of the round brilliant cut, princess cut diamonds possess sharp and pronounced angles, as well as over 50 V-shaped facets, thus still possessing exceptional fire and sparkle.

Princess cut engagement rings are typically worn as solitaire engagement rings for women with long fingers and those seeking a modern style. You can find princess cut engagement rings in the DR Paris Collection that is inspired by the pyramids of the Louvre in Paris.

princess cut engagement ring

6. Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion cut diamond is also a square engagement ring diamond shape that is based on a princess cut diamond with softened angles to resemble a pillow, hence the name cushion cut. With soft edges and 58 large facets, this diamond cut exudes an old world vibe perfect for a vintage setting.

Cushion cut engagement rings are again popular in halo engagement rings, and the combination of halo and large facets brings some obvious extra brilliance and vintage charm to the stone. If you have a romantic nature and love the classic vintage style, then a cushion cut engagement ring is the perfect choice.

7. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The emerald cut is one of the most sought-after engagement ring shapes for its high purity and rectangular stepped facets with highly decorative aesthetics. The parallel rectangular step cut gives the emerald cut diamond a striking depth and angular lines that clearly capture the clarity of the diamond and reflect an understated sparkle.

Emerald cut engagement rings with understated glamour are perfect for the modern, elegant woman seeking Art Deco style. From Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly to Paris Hilton and Maria Shapova, they are the ones who approve of emerald cut engagement rings.

emerald cut engagement ring

8. Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

The Radiant cut is a diamond ring shape with a hybrid style that combines the elegant shape of an emerald cut with the brilliance of a round cut. Although Radian cut diamond is made with a deep cut that would make the diamond appear smaller, it has 70 brilliant facets that maximize the refraction of light from the stone.

Besides, a Radiant cut engagement ring does not have the sharp edges of a princess cut diamond, but it actually has eight corners that minimize the chance of breakage. For the kind of woman who is looking for the elegance of an emerald engagement ring but wants the fire of a round engagement ring, a Radiant cut engagement ring is a perfect choice.

radiant cut engagement ring

9. Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

The Asscher cut has been a favorite engagement ring shape among the fashion crowd since its inception, due to the stunning silhouette that is the perfect combination of vintage and the latest trends. Asscher cut diamonds are octagonal, have no sharp edges, and share the emerald cut diamond's rectangular stepped facets that look elegant in a variety of settings.

Especially during the Art Deco fad, the Asscher engagement ring remains luminous thanks to its unique symmetrical geometric design. The Asscher cut engagement ring is an excellent choice for the fashion forward girl who likes to be unique.

10. Heart Cut Engagement Ring

The heart cut is a classic symbol of love and is considered one of the most romantic engagement ring diamond shapes. A modified version of the round brilliant cut stone, the heart cut diamond stands out with a precise aspect ratio that ensures an expertly symmetrical curve.

Heart cut engagement ring with its modern and feminine style is often worn as a solitaire engagement ring, as the fire and sparkle of a heart shaped diamond looks great without much embellishment. The heart-shaped engagement ring is also a classic diamond cut from Darry Ring. It is a leading representative of the DR My Heart Collection, which is dedicated to providing heart-shaped engagement rings in a romantic design style that will perfectly match the love of your life.

heart shaped engagement ring

These are the top 10 most popular diamond shapes, so find the one that best suits your style. For the most sparkling diamond fire and a classic look, round engagement rings are the way to go. For brides looking for something more unique, choose oval engagement rings, pear engagement rings or marquise engagement rings to make you stand out and give your fingers a slimmer look.

If you're after a more angular and modern look, consider purchasing a princess cut engagement ring; or if you prefer elegant sparkle and vintage settings, opt for a cushion cut engagement ring. Some understated and highly Art Deco-inspired step-cut diamonds, such as emerald cut engagement rings, Radiant engagement rings and Asscher engagement rings offer greater clarity and striking depth. Of course, if you're a romantic who considers love to be paramount, you can't go wrong with a heart-shaped engagement ring.

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