Radiant vs. Emerald Cut, What is the Difference?

Dec 13,2023

If you’re considering a rectangular diamond for your engagement ring, you have two perfect options: the Radiant cut diamond and the Emerald cut diamond. They are similar in that they both have straight edges and cut corners, and are the most popular rectangular shapes that can make your fingers look slender, but they do have distinct differences that set them apart.

emerald cut vs radiant cut

In this article, we’ll take you through the main differences between Emerald cut and Radiant cut in terms of diamond cut, facets, sparkle, size, length to width ratio, clarity, and color to help you make a wise choice when choosing the best rectangular diamond for your style.

What is the Emerald Cut?

emerald cut diamond

The Emerald cut is a diamond cut characterized by its rectangular shape and parallel step-cut facets. Emerald cut diamonds have a larger length to width ratio, emphasizing a slender shape. They typically feature 57 step-cut facets arranged in parallel lines, giving it a stepped appearance and a “hall of mirrors” effect. This unique facet style gives the Emerald cut diamond an elegant and bright look, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other high-end jewelry!

emerald cut diamond

The Emerald cut is also known for its large table, the flat top of the diamond. This large table helps showcase the diamond’s clarity and color, allowing the diamond to sparkle with dazzling brilliance, making the Emerald cut an ideal choice for those seeking diamonds of exceptional quality.

emerald cut diamond

As one of the oldest diamond shapes, the Emerald cut diamond is often associated with the Art Deco era, which valued clean lines and symmetry. Therefore, the Emerald cut diamond is also a popular choice for those seeking a vintage and understated elegance.

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What is the Radiant Cut?

radiant cut diamond

The Radiant cut is a diamond cut that combines the features of the round brilliant cut and the Emerald cut, characterized by its rectangular shape and a pattern of 70 brilliant facets.

radiant cut diamond

As a more modern diamond cut style, the Radiant cut was invented by Henry Grossbard in 1977. He was the first to use a pattern of brilliant facets on both the crown and pavilion of a gemstone, successfully creating one of the most brilliant cuts. This hybrid cut is one of the most faceted diamond styles, designed to maximize the natural beauty of the diamond and create a crushed ice-like effect. The Radiant cut is also known for its deep pavilion, which further enhances the diamond’s brightness by reflecting light from various angles, creating stunning flashes of light and color.

radiant cut diamond

Another advantage of the Radiant cut diamond is its versatility, as it can be set in various styles, including solitaire, halo, and three-stone settings. This makes it a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry, as it can be customized to individual preferences and styles.

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Differences Between Emerald Cut and Radiant Cut

While both the Radiant cut and the Emerald cut diamonds have their own stunning features and appeal, there are some key differences between the two cuts that set them apart.


The Emerald cut diamond features step-cut facets, giving off a subtle sparkle, while the Radiant cut diamond utilizes brilliant-cut facets, creating a dazzling sparkle.

radiant vs emerald cut: diamond cut
radiant vs emerald cut: facets


The Emerald cut, with its 57 step-cut linear facets, has a more glassy, conservative appearance, while the Radiant cut boasts 70 triangular or kite-shaped facets radiating from the center, maximizing the gem’s inherent fire and brilliance.


The Radiant cut is renowned for its intense sparkle and fire due to its numerous facets and deep pavilion, akin to shattered glass glittering in the sunlight. On the other hand, the Emerald cut is known for its understated and subtle sparkle due to its clean lines, step-cut facets, and large table.

radiant vs emerald cut: sparkle
radiant vs emerald cut: size


Both the Emerald cut and the Radiant cut diamonds appear larger compared to round brilliant-cut diamonds of the same carat weight, with the Emerald cut having a larger top surface area.

Length-to-width Ratio:

The ideal length-to-width ratio for an Emerald cut diamond is 1.40, while for a Radiant cut diamond, the ideal ratio is 1.25. Therefore, the Emerald cut diamond will appear more rectangular compared to the Radiant cut diamond.

radiant vs emerald cut: light to width ratio
radiant vs emerald cut: clarity and color

Clarity and Color:

The step-cut arrangement of the Emerald cut makes internal flaws more visible compared to the Radiant cut, but the facets of the Emerald cut can help mask yellow hues. The large table of the Emerald cut diamond highlights inclusions, so when choosing an Emerald cut engagement ring, you can invest in a lower color grade (H or I) with a VS2 or higher clarity. For a Radiant cut engagement ring, you can find with SI1 or SI2 clarity and upgrade to a higher color grade since the facet style of the Radiant cut is more forgiving of internal flaws, using strong brilliance to mask inclusions.

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Similarities Between Radiant Cut and Emerald Cut

Both Radiant cut and Emerald cut diamonds share a similar rectangular shape with diagonal or cut corners, giving them a linear octagonal design that makes them more durable and less prone to chipping. The elongated shape of the rectangular Emerald and Radiant cut diamonds creates the illusion of a larger size compared to diamonds of the same carat weight but different shapes.

Moreover, the slender shape of the diamond also makes the wearer’s fingers appear longer and more delicate, which is one of the reasons why Emerald cut and Radiant cut diamonds are so popular. Despite their unique facet styles, both Radiant and Emerald cut diamonds are fancy-shaped diamonds that provide a beautiful way to showcase the natural beauty of the diamond.

Emerald Cut vs Radiant Cut, Which is Better for Me?

For those seeking a diamond that exudes subtle elegance and exceptional quality, and appreciates parallel lines and a clean look, the perfect choice would be an Emerald cut diamond engagement ring. If you’re in search of endless sparkle and dazzling effects, then a Radiant cut diamond engagement ring would be your best bet.

In the end, for those seeking beautiful and unique diamonds, both Radiant and Emerald cut diamonds are stunning choices. While each cut has its unique characteristics and appeal, the perfect diamond ultimately depends on personal preference and style. Whether you prefer the intense brilliance of the Radiant cut or the understated elegance of the Emerald cut, both cuts are sure to leave a lasting impression, creating a piece of jewelry worth cherishing for years to come.

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