Solitaire Ring Guide: What is A Solitaire Ring?

Sep 25,2023

When you take the first step in selecting an engagement ring you may be overwhelmed due to the various parameters and styles of engagement rings. For example, depending on the diamond cut, engagement rings can be divided into princess cut engagement rings, round engagement rings, heart shaped engagement rings, etc. While depending on the number of diamonds, there are solitaire engagement rings, three stone engagement rings, halo engagement rings, etc.

With such a wide variety of engagement ring styles, you may have stumbled upon the fact that the solitaire ring is considered the most popular ring and are planning to consider choosing one. Yes, that's right! They have been a symbol of engagement for years. Regardless of fashion trends, their classic style has always been prominent. Nonetheless, do you really know what a solitaire ring is? Do you know what you are looking for in a solitaire ring?

DR solitaire ring

What is Solitaire Ring?

First of all, the term "solitaire" refers to any jewelry set with a single diamond. A solitaire ring, on the other hand, features a single diamond in the middle without other diamonds in the ring to distract attention from it. A solitaire ring is usually made up of two parts, a main diamond and a setting, and no more decorative elements, which is why it is considered the most classic and iconic engagement ring style. Until the diamond industry really took off, the solitaire ring was the only type of ring that existed. It was increasingly sought after by minimalists because of the minimalist design that still makes it a modern representation of stylish elegance.

Of all diamond rings, the solitaire ring is undoubtedly one of the most popular engagement ring designs, with the halo ring and three stone ring coming in a close second. Due to the striking design that keeps the focus on the center stone, solitaire ring allows the brilliance of the diamond to be fully displayed. Therefore, if your fiancée is looking for the classic simplicity and elegance of individuality, a diamond solitaire ring is the perfect choice for you.

History of the Solitaire Ring

The history of the solitaire ring can date back to 1477 when Maximilian I of Austria, who was about to become emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, gave Mary of Burgundy a ring with a single diamond as an engagement ring. This is considered to be the first solitaire engagement ring in history.

Because of the profound implication behind the diamond solitaire ring, the gesture by Maximilian I has been followed to this day, namely the use of a diamond solitaire ring in a proposal.

What is the Meaning of a Solitaire Ring?

The popularity of solitaire rings has an important connection to the symbolism they convey, which is an eternal and indestructible relationship between the two lovers. It also signifies that the love between two people who are married is destined to be as eternal as a diamond. This is why an increasing number of couples give preference to diamond solitaire rings to declare their steadfast attitude towards their love.

Solitaire Ring Cut

To purchase a unique solitaire ring, you have to give a full understanding of it. For example, the diamond cut. According to the diamond cut, solitaire rings can also be divided into various styles such as princess cut solitaire rings, round solitaire rings, etc. Different diamond cuts represent different styles.

● Round Solitaire Ring

A round solitaire ring, as the name implies, is a diamond cut into a circle, which is the most popular solitaire ring, with 57 facets to present the diamond's captivating brilliance and vitality. Round solitaire engagement rings are a timeless choice that can be worn with any outfit without looking out of place.

Darry Ring round solitaire ring
Darry Ring princess cut solitaire ring

● Princess Cut Solitaire Ring

The princess cut solitaire ring is the second most popular diamond solitaire engagement ring due to its delicate cut consisting of 57 or 76 facets.

● Cushion Cut Solitaire Ring

Cushion cut solitaire rings are similar to princess cut solitaire rings, so there is often confusion between them. The main difference between a cushion cut ring and a princess square cut ring is their cutting edges. The cutting edges of a cushion cut ring are rounded and smoother than that of a princess cut ring.

cushion cut solitaire ring
Darry Ring emerald cut solitaire ring

● Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring

Emerald cut solitaire ring is in the shape of a rectangular with parallel facets creating a sparkling and elegant look. It is a more traditional choice for a solitaire ring.

● Oval Solitaire Ring

Oval solitaire rings are slimmer in shape than the round ones, but are not as popular as round solitaire rings. The shape of an oval cut solitaire ring is romantic and vintage that can make your finger appear slender.

oval solitaire ring
marquise cut solitaire ring

● Marquise Cut Solitaire Ring

This diamond solitaire ring has a boat shape with a pointed end. This is where slender diamonds have a unique appeal and endow the wearer with elegance and beauty.

● Heart Cut Solitaire Ring

The heart cut solitaire ring as the name suggests the diamond is heart shaped. This is a diamond cut based on the universal symbol of love and is one of the most romantic solitaire ring.

Darry Ring heart cut solitaire ring

Setting Styles of Solitaire Rings

In addition to the different classifications of solitaire rings according to the diamond cut, you can also classify them according to the way the diamond is set. When you combine the diamond cut with the setting style, you can get a unique solitaire ring design that belongs to your love.

peg head setting

● Peg Head Setting

A peg head setting generally refers to a solitaire ring that has four or six prongs holding the diamond, also known as a 4-prong solitaire ring or a 6-prong solitaire ring. This setting style of diamond solitaire ring is the most stylish and glamorous, but also the most dangerous setting because it gives your diamond more exposed area, thus increasing the risk of damage.

● Basket Setting

A basket setting is similar to a peg head setting and typically has 4 prongs holding the diamond. It differs from the peg head setting in that it has an additional metal band at the bottom of the diamond to withstand daily wear and tear. It is said that the solitaire engagement ring with a basket setting is the most traditional and common ring.

basket setting
bezel setting

● Bezel Setting

A bezel setting refers to a solitaire ring with a metal band set around the perimeter of the diamond. This style of setting will reduce the likelihood of damage to your diamond, but will lose the charm of the diamond.

How to Choose a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Now that you know the meaning behind solitaire rings and their classification, you are ready to pick the unique solitaire engagement ring that belongs to your faithful love based on your individual needs. Before choosing, you still have several factors to consider for the best diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The most prominent feature of a solitaire ring is the main stone. When you show your friends and family your solitaire ring, the first thing they will notice is the only large, sparkling diamond set in the ring, so you should put more thought into understanding the value of the diamond. The factors that affect the value of a diamond are based on the 4C's of the diamond, which are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The combination of carat weight, color, clarity and cut gives a diamond its value. To learn how to choose the best solitaire engagement ring based on the 4C's of the diamond, click through to our Diamond Buying Guide page.

If you are having a hard time in deciding, you can refer to the rule of thumb for the purchase of solitaire engagement ring. Typically, round solitaire rings are the most popular diamond shape of all engagement rings, followed by the princess square cut solitaire ring. However, since everyone has a unique style and taste, different diamond cuts can be used to make it a truly individual piece.

As for the metal of the ring, the two most common metals are white gold and yellow gold. However, platinum is also a popular choice for solitaire engagement rings because of its durability and modern luster. In any case, the choice of a solitaire diamond ring depends on your personal style and budget.

solitaire engagement ring on the finger

If you are looking for a unique solitaire engagement ring, you can check out Darry Ring, which is a luxury jewelry brand that preaches the brand concept that one can only purchase one DR engagement ring with unique and valid identification information for a lifetime to fulfill the commitment of true love. With DR diamond solitaire ring, you are confident and brave enough to pursue your true love. Darry Ring offers solitaire engagement rings in a variety of diamond cuts and setting styles to match your unique personality. In addition, you are also allowed to customize your DR diamond ring in different carat weights according to your personal preference.

For more questions about solitaire rings, you are welcome to consult DR.

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