Diamond Eternity Ring Guide: What is An Eternity Ring?

Sep 22,2023

Some couples consider a third ring in their engagement and wedding sets to mark a specific milestone in their long journey of love, such as a tenth anniversary or the arrival of their first child. This has become an increasingly popular trend and is revered by more and more couples. They give this third ring an eternal meaning, symbolizing the eternal love between them, which is what we call eternity ring.

A couple wears Darry Ring eternity rings

What is an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is usually a ring with a symmetrical aesthetic of a series of identically cut diamonds or gemstones set on top of a metal ring band. The ring setting design makes the eternity ring one of the most luxurious and sparkling rings you can buy. Depending on the coverage of the diamond setting, eternity rings can be divided into full eternity rings and semi-eternity rings.

A full eternity ring is set with identically cut diamonds around the entire ring band, allowing it to sparkle at all angles. Full eternity rings are often considered more aesthetically appealing than half eternity rings because the full circle of diamonds makes them look more ornate and luxurious, which in turn makes them a more expensive option.

A half eternity ring is a ring with only the top half (half a ring band) of the band with diamonds, usually five to nine diamonds. Although cheaper than a full eternity ring, half eternity rings are more practical and lightweight, reducing the irritation between the fingers.

Diamond eternity rings are usually for women, but as time goes on, more and more men eternity rings are being designed as well. Therefore, both men and women can wear diamond eternity rings.

Eternity Ring Meaning

As mentioned earlier, eternity rings, as the third ring after a diamond engagement ring and wedding band, are usually given as a gift on some important anniversary. For example, a couple will exchange diamond eternity rings on their tenth wedding anniversary or after the birth of their first child, marking another eternal journey of love. Thus, the diamond eternity ring symbolizes the never-ending love and loyalty between two people - a lifelong commitment. It reminds every couple that you are together as you pass each of life's milestones.

Eternity rings can date back nearly 4,000 years to ancient Egypt. Although they did not use eternity rings as wedding rings or anniversary gifts at the time, some designs of the time featured a snake biting its own tail to symbolize the cycle of life and death as the original concept of the eternity diamond ring.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring?

There are no hard and fast rules on how to wear an eternity ring, but traditionally, people prefer to wear the eternity diamond ring in front of the wedding band on the left ring finger. Because in ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that the left ring finger had a vein directly connected to the heart, called the "Vena Amoris" (love vein), and therefore the wedding band should be closest to your heart in the first place.

Others may argue that the left ring finger already has too many diamonds, so they prefer to show off the beauty of the diamond eternity ring by wearing it alone on the right hand.

Eternity Ring Styles

● Round Eternity Ring

Round eternity ring, one of the most popular diamond cut styles of all ring types, are, by no coincidence, the most popular diamond shape in eternity rings. This is because the round brilliant diamond, a classic choice, produces the greatest return of light, creating a radiant and luxurious effect.

Darry Ring round eternity ring
Darry Ring pear cut eternity ring

● Pear Cut Eternity Ring

A pear cut eternity ring refers to a ring band in which the diamonds are set with distinctive cut marks and are teardrop in shape. They are set closely together and can form a nearly seamless halo around the band, making it a timeless representation of modern elegance.

● Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

An emerald cut diamond eternity ring refers to a diamond set in a metal ring band with a rectangular cut and a series of parallel facets on each side and each corner. It is a representation of sophistication and elegance and is a favorite of celebrities.

Darry Ring emerald cut diamond eternity ring
Darry Ring oval cut diamond eternity ring

● Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

An oval cut eternity ring refers to the fact that the diamond set in the metal ring band is a kind of slimmer round brilliant cut. It looks larger and more aesthetically artistic than a round cut diamond.

● Heart Shaped Diamond Eternity Ring

A heart-shaped diamond eternity ring features a continuous band of heart-shaped diamonds set all the way around the ring. This design creates a romantic and elegant look, making it a popular choice for anniversary bands.

Darry Ring heart shaped diamond eternity ring

The Metal of Eternity Rings

Darry Ring yellow gold eternity ring

● Yellow Gold Eternity Rings

Yellow gold has been revered throughout history for its dazzling gold color that conveys a gesture of grace and opulence. In addition, they are resistant to tarnishing and are durable, making them an ideal choice, especially for 18k yellow gold eternity rings.

● Platinum Eternity Rings

Platinum is the rarest and most precious metal on earth, making platinum eternity rings the most luxurious metal choice for those on a large budget. Platinum has a natural brilliant white luster that magnificently showcases the brilliance of diamonds. In addition, platinum is more wear-resistant than gold and is hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive skin. Therefore, platinum eternity rings are suitable for people with sensitive skin while being the ideal choice for an eternity ring to be worn every day.

Darry Ring platinum eternity ring
Darry Ring white gold eternity ring

● White Gold Eternity Rings

White gold is an alloy of gold with silver or palladium and rhodium plating to form a white metal, with a similar white luster to platinum, making it a great alternative to platinum rings. Popular since the 1920s, white gold eternity rings have always stood for elegance and timelessness and are perfect for people on a low budget, making white gold the most popular metal in jewelry today.

● Rose Gold Eternity Rings

Rose gold is a stylish type of metal that exudes romance and beauty. All in all, rose gold eternity rings are the ideal gift for a loved one.

Darry Ring rose gold eternity ring

The metal you should choose for your diamond eternity ring depends on a number of factors. Ideally, however, you should purchase an eternity diamond ring that matches the wearer's existing jewelry and style. For example, if she prefers traditional yellow gold, then a yellow gold eternity ring is naturally the best choice.

Eternity Ring Settings

While metal affects the texture of a diamond eternity ring, the setting plays an important role in the beauty. Understanding the ring settings when you purchase a diamond eternity ring can help you better determine the style of your ideal one.

Darry Ring claw set eternity ring

● Claw Set Eternity Rings

A claw set eternity ring, in which metal claws extend up the side of the stone and overlap slightly at the top to hold the diamond snugly in place. It is the most traditional diamond setting and is more suited to round brilliant diamonds. The claw set diamond eternity ring allows the maximum amount of light to enter the stone to create plenty of sparkle.

● Channel Set Eternity Rings

A channel set eternity ring is where the diamond is wrapped parallel between the two metal edges of the ring. It is a secure, modern diamond setting, suitable for round brilliant, princess cut diamonds and baguette diamonds.

Darry Ring channel set eyernity ring
Darry Ring pavé set eternity ring

● Pavé Set Eternity Rings

A pavé set eternity ring refers to the appearance of a succession of small diamonds held in place by metal claws or beads on top of a metal band. The pavé setting allows the small diamonds to shine with full brilliance.

● Bar Set Eternity Rings

A bar set eternity ring is one in which the diamonds are set perpendicular to the ring band, with a metal bar separating each diamond. Bar settings are often used for diamonds of the same size to provide a clean and modern look.

bar set eternity ring

Where to Purchase Eternity Rings?

No matter what type of ring you are looking for, you always should focus on the most important diamond quality first. According to the 4C's of the diamond, i.e., cut, color, clarity and carat, it is wise of you to choose a diamond with a D - J color grade and a clarity grade between FL and SI2.

At Darry Ring, our gemologists spend a lot of time matching diamonds not only in color and clarity, but also in cut, weight and overall appearance to create the perfect match for your eternity diamond ring. In addition, the brand image of Darry Ring complements the eternity ring meaning. Darry Ring promotes the brand philosophy that only one DR engagement ring can be purchased for your loved one in a lifetime, emphasizing a lifetime of commitment, loyalty and eternity. If you have ever purchased a unique engagement ring from Darry Ring, then you can unlock more stylish and beautiful eternity rings at the DR store, either as a wedding ring or anniversary gift.

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