How Do You Measure Ring Size at Home?

Sep 25,2023

As an essential and romantic element in the three most important scenarios of life - proposal, engagement, and marriage - the ring usually comes with a surprise. But the bigger question that always arises when you decide to go for a diamond ring is how you determine your ring size. Whether you buy a diamond ring online or offline, there are millions of options in front of you. It's really hard to determine the exact size of the ring you fit just by looking at your finger with the naked eye, as not everyone is an expert in this area. Therefore, to carry out the next step in your practice, you need to understand how to determine ring size based on a ring size chart.

how to determine ring size

What is a Ring Size?

Ring size generally refers to the number associated with the diameter or circumference of the inside of the ring band, usually measured in millimeters, centimeters, or inches. Because the size of the finger on which each person wears a ring varies, there are different ring sizes, just as there are for clothing and shoes. Although different countries have different numerical or alphabetical systems for defining ring size standards, the international ring size chart involves the same measurement process, so it is universal. A few of the more common ring size standards on the market today are the American, British, and European standards.

It goes without saying that it is important to get the correct ring size as you cannot afford to lose it or create embarrassing scenarios because it does not fit properly.

DR ring size chart

Which Hand Does an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Go on?

Because wedding customs vary from country to country, there can be controversy over which hand an engagement ring and wedding ring go on. For example, in ancient Greece and Rome, it was believed that the left ring finger had a vein directly connected to the heart called the "Vena Amoris" (love vein), so wearing engagement rings and wedding rings on the left ring finger has continued in many countries until modern times. European women also wear an engagement ring on their left ring finger to signify that the left ring finger is attached to their beloved; however, after the wedding ceremony, their engagement ring can be moved to the right hand and then worn in front of the wedding band. Therefore, before determining your ring size you also need to know which finger you are going to measure.

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How to Measure Ring Size?

If you want to measure your ring size you can do it yourself at home with the help of a tool (but this may be inaccurate), or you can always seek professional ring size measurements from a jeweler. If you want to create a surprise for your love, there are many ways to get her or his ring size besides measuring quietly while she or he is sleeping. For example, you can get a clue from her or his existing jewelry; take a picture of her or his hand and ask the professional jeweler; or ask her or his family and friends. You can always get some clues from these methods.

Then How to Measure Ring Size at Home?

Online shopping gives us the opportunity to access anything we want from all corners of the globe. If you want to purchase your unique engagement ring or wedding band from a jewelry website, there are 3 simple ways that can help you get the most accurate ring size at home.

measure ring size with soft ruler or string

● Use a soft ruler or string

1. Use a soft ruler or string to wrap around your finger in a circle. Be careful to measure the widest part of the knuckle so that the ring will pass through the finger smoothly.
2. Mark with a pen where the soft ruler or string first overlaps.
3. Unfold the soft ruler or string on a straightedge and note the length in millimeters.
4. Compare your measurements to the standard ring size chart below to arrive at the right ring size for you.

● Use a paper ring sizer

1. Go to the official website of the diamond ring you are gonging to purchase or Google for a standard paper ring sizer.
2. Print the paper ring sizer at a 100% print ratio. Make sure the “Fit to Page” box is unchecked to get accurate measurements from the printout.
3. Cut the paper ring sizer and wrap it around your finger. Be sure to measure the widest part of the knuckle so that the ring will pass through the finger smoothly.
4. Record the length in millimeters at the first overlap.
5. Compare your measurements to the standard ring size chart below to arrive at the right ring size for you.

measure ring size at home with a paper ring sizer
measure an existing ring

● Measuring an existing ring

1. Measure the diameter of the inner edge of the existing ring band using a soft ruler or straightedge.
2. Record the length in millimeters.
3. Refer to the standard ring size chart below to find the right ring size for you.
4. You can also place your existing ring directly in the circle of the standard ring size chart printed at a 100% print ratio to find the size that best matches the inner diameter of your existing ring.

● Wear a standard ring sizer

1. If you are not in a hurry to get your ring size, you can purchase a standard ring sizer online. Wearing a ring sizer will help you determine accurate ring size. Request A Free Ring Sizer Here.
2. Put your finger through the standard ring sizer and adjust the ring adjuster to make the ring sizer right up against the skin of your knuckle.
3. Try to slide the ring sizer and record the current data once you find it fits your finger perfectly.
4. Refer to the standard ring size chart below to find the right ring size for you.

standard ring sizer

Standard Ring Size Chart of DR Ring

We usually confirm the ring size of the brand sold in different countries or regions according to the standard ring size chart after measuring the inner diameter and circumference of the diamond ring. Here we take DR diamond rings as an example to list the standard ring size in Asia, North America, and Europe.

DR ring size chart

Average Ring Size for Women and Men

Ring sizes can even be related to a person's height and weight. The average ring size for women and the average ring size for men can be derived from the average height and weight in your country. If you really can't find out your or your partner's standard ring size for whatever reason, it is wise of you to start with the average ring size for women and the average ring size for men.

According to current jewelry market data, the average ring size for women in the US, for example, is 6 (based on the average American woman being 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 140 pounds) and the average ring size for men is 10 (based on the average American man being 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 197.9 pounds), which translates to an average ring size of L½ for women and T for men in the UK. You can observe whether your partner's height and weight are on average. If he or she is below the average height and weight, you might consider starting at a size 5 for women and around a size 8 for men. If your partner's height or weight is above average, it may be a good idea to start at a size 7 for women and 11-12 for men.

DR diamond rings

Confirming the ring size is the best prerequisite to put into a romantic event. Now you may know how to get his or her ring size! The next step is to customize a unique DR diamond ring to witness the fruits of your love and look forward to the surprise on his or her face. DR diamond rings are the best interpretation of your faithful love by conveying the idea that only one DR diamond ring can you customize for your lifetime of love.

Of course, if you have any questions about measuring your ring size, you can always contact Darry Ring. The experts at Darry Ring are dedicated to helping you find the engagement ring and proposal ring of her or his dreams!

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