7 Signs To Tell If a Man Really Likes You

Jul 04, 2022

It's the question every girl asks herself: does he really love me or not?


The best way to know is to simply ask him directly. But in a relationship or in dating, it might not be easy to find the truth unless you have psychic powers. You may think you know a guy's true feelings but then they go and do something hurtful that leaves you in the dust. That's why knowing the signs when a man is crushing hard can help you figure out exactly where you two stand - especially if you want to navigate the dating game with finesse or are looking for true love.


Whether we're talking about men, women, or gender-fluid people, human beings in general tend to get their wires crossed. With that out of the way, let's get into this.


1. He treats you with respect.

An unmatured relationship is when a man keeps telling you that he loves you but does not really care about what's going on in your life. The very first sign of true love is he values you as a person, and he genuinely listens to your opinions. 


Respect and love go hand in hand. On its own, respect may not be a clear-cut sign of romantic love, but it should always be the first present in a loving relationship.


Men can show respect in various ways, and one is to respect partners' choices. I found that there're many of men likes to make discission for their girfriends, even without their permissions. That's not something romantic but horrible actions. A man shows his respect by listening to you, and standing besides you even if he's not fully understand your choices. 


2. He makes efforts to fix problems or change his behavior for you.

Everyone has bad behaviors, for example, smoking, being addicted to games, or just being lazy for housework. And every bad behavior could be raised to a conflict in relationships. When facing this common element in love relationships, what really matters is how the two of you deal with conflicts.


If he is not willing to change any of his bad behaviors, even if you're asking for a long time, or he's constantly pushing them aside, or he even doesn't admit there are problems. None of the above is a sign of maturity.


A loving partner will put efforts into improving a relationship and making each other better. That's exactly like the commitment to marriage. If a man is committed to love, he should make every effort to strengthen his marriage.


3. He's willing to do part of the work.

Not only for the housework, but also if he's willing to come up with plans and dates. There's a saying that the best way to know if a man is responsible is to travel with him. You could also give your man a chance to plan a short-term trip. If it's not the perfect traveling time now, see if he is willing to plan a birthday party for you.


One of the signs that a man really loves you is that he cares for you and does not let you schedule everything yourself. I've seen a lot of engaged couples, and there're lots of pre-brides choosing engagement rings by themselves. Trust me: if a man is not willing to choose a custom engagement ring with you and actively prepare for his proposal to girlfriend, he's not so into you. To find out if this man really loves you, share your to-do tasks with them.


4. He follows you on social media.

There should be private space in a healthy relationship, but you know girls, always have their emotional speaking on social media. To see if a man is following you on social media is to know if he is willing to listen to the things you have to say, to know what makes you happy, what makes you sad, and even just your general musings.


Also, to occasionally mention you up on his social media is a sign of loving you. Lots of women show off their gifts from boyfriends on social media, but fewer men do the same. If a man is willing to show his ring for one and only on social media and let everybody sees the post. He's ready to step into marriage.


5. He introduces you to important people in his life.

There're love experts saying that to see if a man really loves you, he won't be embarrassed by drawing you close in public. But I have different opinions. Some of them are truly shy and are not willing to show off like loving birds in public. Though, a proper introduction to his family, his best friends, or anyone important in his life is a telling sign for sure.


It's applied to the proposal too. It doesn't really matter if a man proposes to his girlfriend in public. A private proposal can also show his deeper love for you. A man choosing cheaper diamond rings doesn't mean he doesn't love you enough, perhaps it is because of the budget. Different characters choose different ways to express love. An affordable engagement ring is also a commitment to true love.


6. He makes you feel good about yourself.

A loving partner will not make you feel worse about yourself. Neither of them will make you feel disrespected or unimportant. If he really loves you, he will bring out better qualities in you and highlight your best aspects.


He may not always make you feel like a pampered princess, but make you feel worthy of love. This is also applied to the gift-giving. If you want something badly, and he remembers every little thing you mentioned and is willing to gift you for the anniversary. If you really like something, but he constantly makes jokes and ignores your little wishes, it's not a good sign for a love relationship. Remember, true love is not only about growing up together, but also with small cute actions with a sense of ceremony.


7. He's willing to make a commitment and keep his promise.

Last but not least, to see if a man really loves you is if a man is willing to make promises to you and keep his promise. Before the relationship goes to engagement, there're lots of ways to make a promise to each other.


It was popular among young couples to wear promise rings when they have a stable relationship. Nowadays, signing a true-love agreement might be a newer trend. If a man is willing to buy a ring from DR that a man can only customize once in his lifetime, he definitely is deeply in love with you.


When the signs are there, and you're vibing, congregations for you to get true love. Relationships may not always be perfect, however, a full understanding is the first step toward a lifetime love story.