JiaJia & Carson: He Did Everything He Could

Jun 16, 2023


DR:JiaJia, how did you learn about the Darry Ring brand?


JiaJia:I saw it a lot of places, but mainly learned about it from the advertisements on Tiktok. Also, we have friends who told us about their rings, which were Darry Rings.


DR:JiaJia, why did you choose Darry Ring for your engagement?


JiaJia:Well, men can only customize one ring with their ID, which can be given to their most beloved person. I want to be that beloved, one and only person and Carson told me that I am, and he is the same to me.


true love couple


DR:Why did you choose this style?


JiaJia:We wanted something timeless and classic. I am not too flashy and I don’t like flashy jewelry, but this is so beautiful and elegant. I think it’s sophisticated.


DR:JiaJia, how did you two meet?


JiaJia:We were introduced by my cousin, who went to the same school as Carson. At that time, he happened to be playing basketball near my house. My cousin exchanged our phone numbers, but when Carson messaged me, I didn't reply. One day after school, I don’t know why, I just messaged him. We texted for a while and he was so sweet and funny. We gradually got to know each other better and started dating.


DR:How long have you been together?


JiaJia:We have been together 10 years and 11 months. Next May will mark our 11th anniversary!


true love couple


DR:Tell us a memorable experience you shared.


JiaJia:I think the most memorable thing was during our first Valentine's Day after we graduated. He went to a flower shop and bought a rose, put it in his backpack, and took the bus to my house just to surprise me on Valentine's Day. He was so sweet and naive, and when he took it out of his backpack, it was a little wilted but it was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. At that time, although we weren't wealthy and didn't have much money or own a car, he did everything he could to make me happy.


DR:What was the turning point for you two to decide to get married?


JiaJia:Actually, we were each other's first love. He worked hard to fulfill the promises he made to me and I knew very soon, but we waited and I still felt the same after five years. There was no clear turning point---it was just a very natural progression from romantic infatuation to trust and compassion and true love and devotion. When you know, you know, no matter the time.


true love couple


DR:Do you think your Darry Ring symbolizes the love you have for each other?


JiaJia:I think everything we do shows out level of love and commitment, but yes, our pledge and my ring is another way that we are reminded how we are in this together; one love and one life together.