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DR couple Jay and Jenece

Jay & Jenece: We were not Quite Complete until We Met

418 / Sep 14,2023

This is an interview with a lovely DR couple, Jay and Jenece, who we met in the DR Paris store. They shared their sweet love story for us.

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DR couple Jiajia and Carson

Jiajia & Carson: Love is in the Little Things

388 / Sep 14,2023

Jiajia and Carson have been in love for 10 years, and they decided to make Darry Ring as a testament to their 10-year journey of true love.

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DR couple Kim and Bob

Kim and Bob: Love is How They Make You Feel About Yourself

364 / Sep 14,2023

This is a true love story about a DR couple, Kim and Bob. They met on a work to paint an airplane and quickly fell in love because of Bob’s witty humor.

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DR couple Baniel and Suzy

Daniel & Suzy: Forever Love at First Sight

393 / Sep 14,2023

This was going to be a short interview with the DR couple, Daniel and Suzy, but then, because they told their love story so well and it was so charming, it turned into one of our best stories.

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DR couple Brenda Kua and Vanness Tan

Brenda Kua & Vanness Tan: First Love and Only Love

369 / Sep 14,2023

Brenda Kua and Vanness Tan is such a charming and devoted DR couple. We were happy to interview them and hear about their love story.

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DR couple Jocelyn and Jax

Jocelyn & Jax: He Stands By Me Always

394 / Sep 14,2023

This is the love story of a DR couple, Jocelyn and Jax. Jocelyn and Jax have known each other for ten years and for nine of those years they have been inseparable.

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DR couple Victor and Karolina

Victor & Karolina: Count Fireflies With You Forever

385 / Sep 14,2023

This was going to be a romantic and sweet love story of a DR couple, Victor and Karolina. Their spark of love began on a camping trip.

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DR couple Yan and Ting

Yan & Ting: You are My “Darry Ring”

360 / Sep 14,2023

Yan and Ting is a DR couple who believe in true love. Yan propose to Ting with a DR diamond ring on their first together trip. Click to take a closer look.

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