Kim and Bob: Love is How They Make You Feel About Yourself

Sep 14,2023

DR couple Kim and Bob

I met my fiancé, Bob, at work about two years ago. I am a sign painter and he is an airplane mechanic. The first time we saw each other was when I was doing a logo on a small plane. I was on a ladder and it was a terribly hot day, so I wasn’t in the mood to be cordial.

He was staring so long I got a little irritated because I thought I was doing something wrong. Also, I work alone and it’s a dirty job, so I don’t wear any makeup or fix my hair.

DR couple Kim and Bob

I became so distracted and irritated at this strange man staring at me, I finally scowled and asked him what his problem was, (I wasn’t very polite).

DR couple Kim and Bob

He answered, “Ma’am, If I can look at a pretty girl like you every day, I may never have another problem.” 💗

I was so shocked at this my mouth dropped open and then the open paint can dropped and spilled on my work and down the side of the plane.

He ran over to help me clean it off. He was very calm but I was so embarrassed and flustered. We both started laughing because it was so unlikely and crazy, but I handed him a paint rag and in the hot sun, we scrubbed the paint.

DR couple Kim and Bob

After we finished, he asked me to go for lunch. I told him that I bring my lunch every day because there was no way I could go into a restaurant covered in paint and looking like a crazy person.

He said this, “If that’s what crazy looks like, I’m all in.”

DR couple Kim and Bob

I have always thought that love is not how you feel about the other person, but how they make you feel about yourself. I forgot about the hot sun, about my hair in a ponytail, about the paint and sweat on my face, and I felt the way he saw me --- beautiful.

--- Kim

That day, we shared my lunch at a picnic table in the shade, and we have been together every day since. 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻

DR couple Kim and Bob

We decided soon that we wanted to be married and we started to look for rings on the internet. They were all very pretty, but only Darry Ring had a message of real, true love, which is what we have.

We found the perfect diamond ring and we will order our wedding bands soon. This is a beautiful emerald cut diamond engagement ring. I like its modern geometric shape and stepped cut because visually the diamond looks big and it makes my fingers look long. 💍

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He will never buy another Darry Ring engagement ring because he won’t need one. I’ll wear mine forever. That’s how long we will last, too. Forever.

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