Darry Ring: The Diamond Ring of Binding ID Card

Feb 24, 2023

The drive of young people today to pursue true love has waned due to the numerous social and family incidents in recent years. Particularly among Millennials and Generation Z, there is a growing sense of uncertainty and confusion regarding love. They find it difficult to believe in so-called commitments. Today's youth appear to be in desperate need of a solution to assist them in being bold in their pursuit of true love and in fearlessly expressing it.


Of course, this is what many wedding-related companies have been aiming towards. However, they won’t be able to influence the majority of young people who are confused about true love to the maximum extent until they can truly comprehend how contemporary young people currently perceive love and to think as they do.


Darry Ring (also known as DR Ring) is such an engagement ring brand that supports true love culture. We enforce the brand regulation that only one DR diamond ring can be bought in a lifetime - unlike other conventional wedding-related companies that have only celebrates love - by binding an ID card to the purchase of a diamond engagement ring.


In order to actually find the best solution for young people who are confused about love, Darry Ring has come up with the concept of ID Verification Ring.


ID Verification Ring is identity-based ring, which means when you buy a DR diamond ring for the first time, you are required to upload a legitimate ID photo and a positive face photo for assessment. Also, a co-signature on the True Love Agreement (i.e., Darry Ring Agreement) is required to tie the purchaser’s identity information to the ring recipient’s.


Your identity information, purchase record and True Love Agreement will be archived through irreversible encryption technology once you have signed the True Love Agreement. And you won’t be able to change or remove them in the rest of your life. But the purchase record and the content of True Love Agreement can be found on the our official website with the consent of the purchaser.


The diamond ring of binding ID card suggests a real-name purchase, which places an invisible constraint on the buyer. It demands that the buyer should have unwavering confidence in true love and lifetime commitment to his partner. Identity-based DR diamond ring is custom-made, so you cannot give it to someone else. Moreover, due to our true love inquiry system, you will be monitored by everyone on earth once you buy one. Hence, only those who have given their relationship and future serious thought and are certain that they are each other’s true love dare to buy a DR diamond ring with an ID card.


The practice of buying engagement rings with ID card by Darry Ring is a first for its sort in the global. The ID card is a unique and legitimate credential for global residents. Darry Ring makes it a requirement for buying an ID binding ring is to convey that purchasing a DR diamond ring requires sufficient courage and firm determination. At the same time, the True Love Agreement - which serves as evidence that you love each other – is the best panacea for all sensitive and fragile hearts. It provides a guarantee of lifetime commitment for you while increasing the social binding force.