What is Darry Ring Agreement?

Sep 18,2023

Perhaps you and your significant other have made numerous promises to each other. But have you ever tried to sign a love agreement with your love for a lifetime commitment after purchasing a diamond ring?

Love needs a sense of ceremony, and signing True Love Agreement together is undoubtedly high level of romance in love. This is a spotlight which sets Darry Ring apart from other jewelry brands. What is Darry Ring Agreement and what does it symbolize? We're here to elaborate further on it.

What is Darry Ring Agreement?

Darry Ring Agreement, also known as Agreement of True Love, serves as a testimony to the lifelong commitment of each DR couple, which is required when you purchase a DR engagement ring or woman’s wedding ring for the first time.

Darry Ring True Love Agreement

The Origin of Darry Ring Agreement

The world's first True Love Agreement was handwritten by the founders of Darry Ring, Tony and Wendy. At the time Darry Ring was established, they were not yet married but had already committed to staying together as each other's true love forever. To solidify this promise, they hand-wrote a true love agreement. As the Darry Ring grew and the concept of “one true love” for life gained recognition, they saw the value of the agreement and added it to the diamond ring purchase process to help other couples fulfill their promise and witness their lifelong commitment.

The World's first True Love Agreement

The Content of Darry Ring Agreement

There are three vows on Darry Ring Agreement and each sentence is profound and meaningful.

With this unique Darry Ring, in the name of love, I take thee to be my faithful partner and my one true love, to have and to hold, from this day forward.

Darry Ring holds the belief that true love is meant for only one person and is a unique and special connection shared between two individuals. That’s why Darry Ring allows each customer to customize only one engagement ring for the only one.

For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.

Darry Ring believes true love endures tough times. True love is not just a feeling, but a commitment in which two people vow to support each other, in good times and in bad, for eternity.

True love never ends.

Darry Ring believes that when you decide to sign Darry Ring Agreement, both of you will cherish and love each other for a lifetime.

the content of darry ring aagreement

At the bottom of Darry Ring Agreement, there is a DR Certificate No. Each true love couple will have their own unique DR Certificate No. in the world.

After purchasing a DR ring, a unique DR Certificate No. is generated exclusively by binding the purchaser’s DR ID and the ring. Before customization, a true love agreement must be signed, and the code cannot be altered or deleted. This unique string of numbers symbolizes a lifelong commitment to true love, just as True Love Agreement does. What’s more, the code will be engraved on any DR jewelry you purchase.

Darry Ring Agreement is served as a reminder of the commitment made to cherish and love one another for a lifetime. From the moment you sign Darry Ring Agreement, your names are bound to each other for the rest of your life. The Darry Ring Agreement will witness the eternal true love between you two.

The Significance of Darry Ring Agreement

Signing Darry Ring Agreement is an important step during the whole DR ring purchasing process. To better convey the idea of “one true love”, Darry Ring incorporates the ID verification system, Agreement of True Love signature, and true love inquiry system to engagement ring purchasing process. It ensures that each customer only purchase one ID verification ring for the only one.

darry ring agreement

If you have decided to sign Agreement of True Love together, it indicates you’re willing to stay true to each other forever. It can be considered as evidence of your true love.

In addition, Darry Ring Agreement is also a witness to each other's commitments. By signing Darry Ring Agreement, you are demonstrating your determination to follow through the commitments to each other.

Since the purchase records cannot be deleted, you can inquire the related purchase history on our official website. The signing of Darry Ring Agreement not only helps you express your love in a special way, but allow people around the world to bear witness to your beautiful love.

How to Get Darry Ring Agreement?

Darry Ring provides the True Love Agreement as an exclusive service. When purchasing a DR ring, not only does the purchaser's ID need to be verified, but also a Darry Ring Agreement must be signed and the content of the agreement cannot be changed or deleted for life. It should be noted that you’ll be given Agreement of True Love only when you purchase DR engagement ring and women's wedding ring for the first time.

The signing of Darry Ring Agreement makes the occasion feel extra special. Firstly, the couple use their fingerprint to seal the agreement of love as a symbol of their commitment to each other as their one and only, Then, they vow in front of Agreement of True Love Wall, representing that they stand by each other through thick and thin.

Darry Ring True Love Agreement Wall

If you purchase online, this copy of the agreement will be given with the DR diamond ring in the parcel. You can collect or display the agreement which serves as a reminder of your love and commitment.

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