What is Darry Ring?

Sep 18,2023

With the wide variety of ring brands on the market, it would be perfect to have a ring brand that matches your marriage view. Darry Ring has recently been gaining more and more attention from couples because of its unique brand concept. So, let's find out what is Darry Ring and what is DR ring meaning.

Darry Ring diamond ring and ring box

What is Darry Ring?

Darry Ring is a Paris-based jewelry brand and known for its unique brand concept, created in 2010, that one can only buy a DR diamond ring for the true love in a lifetime. Darry Ring specializes in the sale of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands and has expanded to more than 600 local diamond stores in cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Paris. Darry Ring's insistence on true love makes it stand out from other jewelry brands, and is considered one of the most romantic.

What is Darry Ring Meaning?

Darry Ring celebrates and embraces eternal love. Unlike other brands' marketing strategies, Darry Ring believes that true love is eternal and that marriage is the ultimate gesture of commitment, so it limits individual purchases based on this. Darry Ring sweetens relationships by limiting a person to one DR diamond ring per lifetime to encourage lovers to challenge themselves to fulfill a lifetime commitment. Choosing Darry Ring is the practice of true love and the expression of a lifetime commitment.

What is ID Verification Ring?

Darry Ring has launched the first ID Verification Ring in the world. ID verification ring refers to that the buyer, at his initial purchase of diamond engagement ring at Darry Ring, is required to upload a photo ID and binding identity information to achieve the purpose of real name ring purchase and one DR ring purchase in a lifetime.

What is the Significance of Darry Ring?

Darry Ring encourages people to pursue true love and wants to be a supporter and apostle of true love to build a world full of love, trust and commitment, so that every true love can be guarded and made worthy of blessing. Darry Ring is committed to creating unique diamond rings and takes True Love Agreement as covenant to make every intimate relationship sweet and long-lasting.

What is DR Ring Meaning?

A DR ring is a symbol of true love and loyalty. Because Darry Ring restricts a person to one DR diamond ring for a lifetime, when a person uses a DR diamond engagement ring to propose to you, it means that he considers you as his one true love and is loyal to you. Using a DR diamond ring to make a proposal represents the beginning of life-long commitment to your true love.

Meanwhile, DR ring represents romance. When you buy a DR diamond ring, you will be asked to be bound to each other's identity information and sign a True Love Agreement together. So, when a person is willing to propose to you with a DR diamond engagement ring, it shows his willing to acknowledge you in front of the world and to let the world witness your love, which is the most romantic thing in the world to do.

What Does DR on a Ring Mean?

DR refers to Darry Ring, and DR on a ring means true love and lifetime commitment. This is mainly based on the purchase rules of Darry Ring, that is, a person can only buy one DR diamond ring with valid identity information for a lifetime. At the time of purchase, it needs to be bound to both parties' information and cannot be deleted permanently. Thus, when a person is willing to buy a DR diamond engagement ring for you, it means that he considers you as his only true love and is willing to make a lifetime commitment for you in the presence of the Darry Ring and the whole world.

What is Darry Ring Agreement?

Darry Ring Agreement, also known as the True Love Agreement, is an agreement that both parties must sign when they first purchase a DR diamond ring, promising to love each other forever until the end of their lives. The Darry Ring Agreement is a declaration of your love and loyalty to each other and will be permanently archived and cannot be deleted.

Darry Ring is a brand with strict purchase rules. Single people and minors are not allowed to support the purchase. It can only be purchased by a person of either gender with an ID card and requires the completion of a Darry Ring Agreement to be considered a successful purchase. The specific purchase process for DR diamond engagement rings is as follows.

● Step 1: Create a DR Account

To purchase a DR diamond ring for the first time, you need to create an account on the Darry Ring official website in order to place your order successfully and receive instant notification of your order.

● Step 2: Pick Your Favorite Ring Style

Once you have created an account, you can go to the product list page to pick your favorite ring style. Darry Ring has a limit of one diamond engagement ring per person, but there is no limit on wedding bands. Therefore, your first purchase can be a diamond engagement ring or a wedding band set, but only the ring. Only after you purchase a ring can you activate your purchases for other jewelry. Once you have selected your preferred diamond engagement ring, you can click “shop” to enter the checkout page.

● Step 3: Pass the True Love Verification

Before going to the checkout page, you will go to what they call the True Love Verification step. During the verification process, you will be asked to upload a photo of your valid ID card and undergo face verification. This step is mainly to verify the validity of your personal information and whether this is your first DR diamond engagement ring purchase.

● Step 4: Fill in Your Shipping Information

Congratulations! You have passed the True Love Verification! The next step you just need to fill in your shipping information and complete the payment. Darry Ring official website now supports all channels of payment, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card payment, Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.

● Step 5: Sign True Love Agreement

The last step you need to sign True Love Agreement with your partner, and promise that you will love each other forever until the end of your life. At this point you have successfully completed the purchase process of a DR diamond engagement ring.

Darry Ring from Which Country?

Darry Ring, from Paris France, is a high-end jewelry brand that specializes in the sale of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Since its establishment, Darry Ring has set up more than 600 offline stores worldwide, including a Darry Ring Store located in the romantic Louvre in Paris.

Who Wons Darry Ring?

Guotao Zhang and Yiwen Liu, a couple who believe in true love, established DR Co. in 2010.

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