Is Darry Ring Real Diamond?

Sep 18,2023

Darry Ring is an engagement ring brand that puts true love first. By adding the steps of identity verification and True Love Agreement to the purchase process, the first ID verification ring is launched to achieve the brand rule, which is limiting customers to buying one DR diamond engagement ring per lifetime.

A lot of couples that believe in true love choose to get a DR diamond engagement ring as it is so distinctive and significant that represents the one and only true love in life. But how can you tell if a DR diamond ring you purchase is real or synthetic?

darry ring diamond

Is DR Ring Real?

The DR Ring is real if you purchase through the regular channels, such as the official website or offline franchise. (It is worth noting that for the time being, customers in other countries can only make purchases through the official website as Darry Ring has only launched local diamond stores in China and France.)

Darry Ring is dedicated to creating exquisite jewelry with the highest quality natural diamonds. Extremely stringent quality control standards are implemented by Darry Ring for the procurement of each natural diamond. Darry Ring sets stringent size ranges for the table ratio and length ratio of diamonds in addition to rigorously adhering to the traditional 4Cs of diamonds to select the best quality DR diamonds.

Furthermore, Darry Ring includes a ring certification report from a reputable diamond appraisal agency with each diamond engagement ring, from which you may understand the specifications of the diamond engagement ring you are purchasing. Due to the particular brand rules, you must bind your ID card and sign a True Love Agreement the first time you buy a DR Ring. Therefore, if you bought DR diamond ring from the regular channel, you can verify your purchase history and true love code on Darry Ring official website; otherwise, you will not be able to check.

However, if you acquired a DR ring from an unofficial source, the DR diamond ring is probably a fake. You are unable to look up your purchase history on the Darry Ring official website. It is quite likely to be a counterfeit even if you have a diamond ring certification report.

darry ring diamond with certification

5 Ways to Identify the Authenticity of a Diamond Engagement Ring

There are 5 methods to use if you want to check the authenticity of the diamond engagement ring at home. The diamond in your engagement ring should be handled very carefully throughout any of these examinations to prevent damage. It is crucial to remember that all of these tests only serve to give you practical and helpful information; only a diamond specialist utilizing specialized tools can give definite answers regarding the authenticity of a diamond.

1. Real diamonds exhibit brilliance and fire

One of the most aesthetic aspects of a diamond is its ability to reflect light, which produces a sparkling brilliance (white light flashes) and fire (colored light). Placing a diamond engagement ring in the sun or under a light can allow you to see how light reflects. If it is a true diamond, it should have amazing brilliance and fire with both white sparkling and rainbow-colored light. However, if it is a fake diamond, no matter how you turn and play with it, all it will do is reflect dull, white light back at you.

2. Real diamonds do not fog up

Breathe directly into a diamond engagement ring is a quick and simple approach to verify its authenticity at home. You will immediately notice a thin layer of fog covering the diamond due to the heat and moisture you exhale. Given that diamonds conduct heat, if one is real, the fog will disappear right away. The diamond is most likely a fake, though, if the fog dissipates for a few seconds.

3. Real diamonds cannot be scratched

Almost nothing can scratch a natural diamond except another diamond because they are among the world's toughest materials. To gently scratch the diamond’s table with a knife or other hard. Most likely, the diamond is synthetic if it has scratches.

4. Real diamonds set in precious metals

Look for markings on the inside of the metal ring band in which the diamond is set that indicate the type of gold or platinum used. A real diamond will be set in a quality metal for protection and durability. The use of gold is indicated by markings like 10K, 14K, and 18K; platinum is denoted by PT and Plat; and either gold or platinum diamond ring is indicated by figures like 585, 770, 900, and 950. However, if the diamond has the “CZ” mark, it is most likely a cubic zirconia. A mark like 925 indicates that the diamond is probably fake as well.

5. Real diamonds glow blue under ultraviolet light

Place the diamond under UV light and watch for a blue glow. Not all diamonds glow blue under UV light, but if your diamond does, you can be pretty sure that it is a real natural diamond. You will still need to have your diamond properly assessed to determine its authenticity if it does not glow blue, as this does not necessarily indicate that it is a synthetic diamond.

While quick and simple to use, home testing for the authenticity of your diamond engagement ring do not provide the most precise results. It is best to get your diamond engagement ring validated by a professional diamond specialist at diamond appraisal center.

If you're committed to finding a real diamond engagement ring, buy a DR diamond engagement ring that can only be given to one person in a lifetime through the Darry Ring official website! Every Darry Ring diamond engagement ring sold from the official website is real as Darry Ring is committed to creating exquisite jewelry with the highest quality natural diamonds. Also, every DR diamond engagement ring sold comes with a ring certification issued by a professional organization.

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