Darry Ring Wins Oscar Awards in Jewelry Industry

Sep 19,2023

Darry Ring has led a new true love value with the brand rule that only one DR diamond ring can be purchased with an ID card for a lifetime. Not only is the distinctive brand rule adored by the majority of couples who believe in true love, but also the cutting-edge jewelry design. For the creative design of the D Collection Jewelry, Darry Ring has earned two international patents and three international awards regarded as “Oscar” in jewelry industry.

Darry Ring D Collection Jewelry

D Collection is the brand identity series of Darry Ring, taking the “D” from the brand name “DR”. The phrase “D = I + U” served as the inspiration for the D Collection; the man stood in for “I”, the woman for “U”, and the combination of the two to form a “D”. “I + U = D” conveys that it is the combination of you and I to make our lives complete.

The symbolism of the D Collection deeply touches the young couples of today. As soon as the Darry Ring D Collection was launched, it attracted thousands of lovers to make a wish in the name of DR to “lock” each other forever.

Darry Ring D Collection double-locking design

Darry Ring was inspired to build the world’s most exclusive double-locking clasp by the locking clasp. The double-locking design of D Collection jewelry, with the letters “I” and “U” clasped time and again, interprets the action of lovers holding each other tightly to the fullest.

Such a design concept has impressed thousands of well-known design professionals in numerous nations and won three major awards in jewelry industry: Gold Winner of MUSE Design Awards, Gold Winner of French Design Award and Bronze Winner of IDA Design Awards. Darry Ring D Collection is also successfully applied for two international patents.

Gold Winner of MUSE Design Awards 2022

The MUSE Design Awards, one of the most significant international awards in the area of global creative design, is regarded as the “Oscars” of the design industry. The double-locking design of the D Collection by Darry Ring, which was chosen from among thousands of works from more than 100 nations and regions worldwide, earned the Gold Medal of the MUSE Design Awards 2022.

Darry Ring wins MUSE Design Awards

Gold Winner of French Design Award 2022

The French Design Awards are judged by a panel of group of eminent design specialists and professors. It is considered to be the pinnacle of design and is highly regarded by eminent design professors in the field. Due to the creative double-locking design of the D Collection, which stood out among the other entries from around the world, Darry Ring has been named the Gold Winner of FDA 2022.

Darry Ring Wins French Design Awards

Bronze Winner of IDA Design Awards 2022

One of the most prestigious design prizes and a significant one in the realm of fashion design is the International Design Awards (IDA). It is the “wind vane” of the most prestigious worldwide design awards and one of the most credible. IDA establishes extremely stringent selection standards for professional-caliber works from all over the world. Darry Ring won a bronze award at the IDA Design Awards 2022 for the innovative double-locking clasp design.

Darry Ring Wins IDA Design Awards

International Patents

Darry Ring discovered that the latch design of the jewelry available on the market struggles to be both aesthetically pleasing and useful, and the latch is frequently simple to come off. Darry Ring took the D Collection jewelry as the brand representative and created a special double-locking clasp that is solid and difficult to come off in order to illustrate the unwavering love that we have been advocating.

The double-locking clasp design of D Collection jewelry enabled Darry Ring to be granted two new patents in China and Germany, offering complete security for every pair who believes in true love.

Darry Ring is granted German patent

Since the inception, Darry Ring has never lost sight of our initial mission to make love better. Darry Ring emphasizes on accomplishing the true love concept of “One Ring One Love One Life” by creating fine jewelry and offering customers more hospitable services. Nowadays, more people are aware of Darry Ring’s artistry, and rely on it for support.

In the future, Darry Ring will devote more energy to conveying true love and creating high-quality jewelry, so that more people can experience the power of true love.

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