Best DR Halo Engagement Rings Recommendation

Sep 19,2023

A halo engagement ring is a ring style in which the main diamond is surrounded by a ring of tiny accent stones. This is a couture style diamond engagement ring where the halo of tiny accent stones around the ring adds dazzle and sparkle to the main stone, making it appear much larger than it is, at least half a carat. The ring with halo has become one of the most sought-after diamond engagement ring styles in recent years because of its elegant and luxurious feel.

With the advent of more innovative diamond settings, the single halo diamond ring has become a fashionable classic diamond engagement ring. We can also recently notice double halo engagement rings with two tiny accent stones surrounding the main stone, as well as hidden halo engagement rings with the halo placed completely underneath the main stone.

Double halo engagement rings allow for more small diamonds to be spread across the ring and are perfect for those seeking a more ornate and opulent style. Hidden halo rings are becoming increasingly popular and are an innovative and unique interpretation of the classic halo design. Looking down at your hidden halo ring, you may not see any halo, but from any other angle, light can enter directly into the hidden halo and reflect back to your eye in a spectacular way, presenting a dazzling sparkle.

Whether it's the classic single halo engagement ring, or the innovative double halo engagement ring and hidden halo engagement ring, you can find a diamond halo ring to suit your style. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, you can check out the popular 4 DR halo engagement rings.

Darry Ring is a luxury ring brand dedicated to the philosophy that one person can purchase only one DR diamond engagement ring with valid identification information for a lifetime. Darry Ring hopes to gain insight into each couple's deepest desires for love and transform them into love elements mapped on the DR halo engagement ring, so that every couple who buy a DR diamond ring can adhere to the original intention of buying DR rings, and always guard their true love.

To meet the needs of different users, Darry Ring offers halo engagement rings made of various metals, such as white gold halo rings, platinum halo rings, rose gold halo engagement rings and so on. In addition, according to the diamond shape, DR also provides various shapes of diamond halo rings, such as round halo engagement rings, cushion cut halo engagement rings, princess cut halo rings, etc. You can always find the best halo diamond engagement ring for you at Darry Ring through various combinations of metal, diamond cuts and diamond settings. Let’s check out the top 4 DR halo diamond engagement rings together.

1. DR HEART Heart Shaped Halo Pavé Engagement Ring

Darry Ring heart halo ring in white gold

This heart-shaped diamond halo ring from DR Heart collection signifies that a true heart bears your name, and that the only heart is yours. The design of DR heart-shaped halo engagement ring originates from the romantic promise of “giving you my heart” by Eros, the god of love. Legend has it that lovers who are struck by the arrow of the god of love will have the heart-shaped gemstone mark on the arrow blade and will be devoted to each other from then on.

Darry Ring heart halo ring in rose gold

In the design, 18 small diamonds are designed to surround the large heart-shaped diamond, making the heart-shaped diamond more dazzling under different lighting conditions. Moreover, the DR heart halo ring is set with 6 small diamonds on each side of the band to make the original dazzling heart halo ring more attractive.

2. DR TRUE LOVE Round Double Halo Double Row Pavé Luxury Engagement Ring

Darry Ring round double halo ring in yellow gold

This round double halo engagement ring from DR True Love collection signifies that you are the one true love of my life and that my life is complete because of you. The DR round double halo engagement ring combines the perfection of diamond cutting and setting techniques to bring out the dazzling fire of diamonds.

Darry Ring round double halo ring in platinum

The first halo is created by 16 small diamonds, and the second halo is set with 20 small diamonds. 36 small diamonds surround the main round diamond, giving it a unique charm and continuing the gorgeous vintage European style. The arms of the DR True Love ring are designed as "V-shaped" and set with the same small diamonds, connoting the meaning of the "Venus" goddess. The DR round double halo engagement ring has been crafted with excellence in ring making to achieve the best aesthetics.

3. DR LOVE LINE Round Halo Double Row Pavé Engagement Ring

Darry Ring round hidden halo engagement ring in white gold

This round hidden halo engagement ring from DR Love Line collection means I am willing to be bound to you for a lifetime of happiness, and every heartbeat, romance and joy is tied to you. This DR round hidden halo ring is the art of work from the famous Italian top designer Antonio Miccia, inspired by the romantic "hand-binding" ceremony in Europe.

Darry Ring round hidden halo engagement ring in white gold

16 smaller diamonds are clustered below the main diamond to form a dazzling halo, and 7 smaller diamonds are set on each side of the ring arm, making the round main diamond appear 15% larger than it is. Not only that, but the sides of the diamond holders are designed to twist around each other in the shape of hearts, taking the original luxury of the hidden halo ring to another level. The rose gold lines are the finishing touch to the round hidden halo ring from the DR Love Line collection, accentuating the wearer's unique and elegant demeanor.

4. DR PARIS Princess-cut Halo Pavé Engagement Ring

Darry Ring princess cut halo engagement ring in rose gold

This princess cut halo ring is from the DR Paris collection, a symbol of our love that remains strong despite the passage of time. The design of the DR Paris collection princess cut halo engagement ring is inspired by the pyramids of the romantic Louvre in Paris. The most stable angle of the pyramid in the Louvre is 52 degrees, which is the angle the designer chose specifically for the ring rest of this princess cut halo ring.

Darry Ring princess cut halo engagement ring in yellow gold

It means that love will not be easily destroyed or changed by external forces. The luxurious princess cut diamond is embedded inside the ring holder, surrounded by 24 small diamonds, shining with a heart-stopping brilliance. The DR Paris collection princess cut halo engagement ring continues the usual design style of DR, i.e. set with 8 small diamonds on each side of the ring arm, making the DR diamond engagement ring even more exquisite and precious.

In addition to the above 4 popular halo diamond rings, Darry Ring also offers more styles and different styles of halo engagement rings. Please visit our diamond engagement rings product listing page, you will always find the best DR halo engagement ring to suit your own style.

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