Q&A for Darry Ring Malaysia

    Darry Ring (DR) is a luxury engagement ring brand that was founded on the principle that one person can only purchase a DR diamond ring for the true love in a life. We are committed to being a witness to your life-long true love, helping to create a world of love, trust and commitment. Since the inception in 2010, Darry Ring has selected romantic addresses around the world to set up diamond stores for true love experience. As more and more Darry Ring stores are set up, DR couples from Malaysia are asking for Darry Ring official website, Darry Ring Malaysia outlet Darry Ring Malaysia price and so on.


    I will take you through this article to answer your questions about DR ring Malaysia.


    1. What is the Darry Ring Official Website in Malaysia?

    https://us.darryring.com currently is the only English official website of Darry Ring in Malaysia. Questions about prices, ring styles, pictures and reviews of DR diamond ring Malaysia can be viewed on this Darry Ring official website and answered by our online customer service.


    2. Which Ring Styles Does Darry Ring Sell in Malaysia?

    Darry Ring currently sells engagement rings and wedding bands in Malaysia. In the future, more unique jewelries including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on, as a testament to your continued love, will be released on Darry Ring official website according to customer' needs.


    Customers from Malaysia can check out the popular DR engagement ring collection including DR Heart Collection, Forever Collection, Love Line Collection, True Love Collection, DR Paris Collection, Believe Collection, and Just You Collection on Darry Ring official website. Each ring collection has its own unique meaning. For more details, please refer to the article: A Complete Guide on DR Engagement Ring Collection.


    Additionally, unique wedding rings including DR Heart Collection, Forever Collection, Love Line Collection, D Collection, True Love Collection, DR Paris Collection, Believe Collection, and Love Mark Collection are also available at Darry Ring official website in Malaysia. Darry Ring pursues excellence in workmanship while maintaining romantic ring designs, so every DR diamond ring is of high quality.


    3. What is Darry Ring Malaysia Price?

    Darry Ring has not yet opened an official offline sales channel in Malaysia, the Darry Ring price is unified worldwide and there will be no difference in price due to geographical differences. According to the real-time exchange rate, the Darry Ring Malaysia price for engagement rings ranges from MYR RM 2,542 to RM 149,411, while for wedding rings ranges from MYR RM 3,087 to RM 21,383.


    The DR diamond ring price depends on the ring collection and the 4Cs of diamonds, which is the carat, color, cut and clarity of the diamond. The larger the carat, the higher the color grade, and the higher the clarity grade, will result in the higher price of the diamond. If the 4Cs of the diamond is the same, Darry Ring Malaysia price also depends on whether the ring band is made of 18k gold or platinum. The diamond ring with platinum band is slightly more expensive than those with 18k gold. For the Darry Ring Malaysia price of each engagement ring and wedding band, you can check the corresponding product details page.


    4. Where is Darry Ring Malaysia Outlet Located?

    Darry Ring has not opened an outlet in Malaysia yet, but Malaysian customers who purchase through the official website will enjoy free shipping. Moreover, the opening of local diamond store in Malaysia is already in the planning stage. It is foreseeable that in the near future, Malaysian DR couples will be able to go to the Darry Ring Malaysia location of offline diamond stores to buy DR diamond rings and have true love experience.


    5. Where to Buy DR Diamond Rings in Malaysia?

    Both DR engagement rings and DR wedding rings are only available for online purchase on Darry Ring official website in Malaysia.


    6. How to Buy a DR Diamond Ring in Malaysia?

    Lovers from Malaysia who want to buy a DR diamond ring can enter Darry Ring official website, register for an account and then choose a unique engagement ring or wedding rings of your dream. Payment can be made via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards after passing the true love verification and signing the Darry Ring Agreement. It should be noted that the price on Darry Ring official website is in US dollars only. For detailed purchase process, click on the DR Ring Buying Guide to view.


    7. Is the Identify Secured?

    Yes, the identity and face verification experienced when purchasing an diamond engagement ring from Darry Ring is secure. The security of your data is important to us and we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal data.


    Darry Ring keeps your identity and transaction information permanently archived and confidential to verify the authenticity of the user and historical purchase history. Once a user signs the True Love Agreement (Darry Ring Agreement), Darry Ring will use irreversible encryption technology to encrypt the user's information, and may not be modified or deleted permanently.


    Based on the basic concept of one person can only buy one DR diamond ring in a lifetime, we provide the user purchase information and True Love Certificate of public access function. However, the opening of this function may lead to the leakage of your name, purchase information, purchase time and other information. Darry Ring will only disclose your purchase information if you agree to the opening of the inquiry function.


    Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

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